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Monday, June 24, 2013

MinneWaCkY Weather!

Hello, beauties!
Wow. What a week. I first wanted to thank you for updating me with pictures and stories! I LOVE hearing about what's happening :) Poor Buzz. I'm sorry about the money. But that seriously is an incredible tithing story, thanks for sharing! I'll definitely share that within the next week or so, guaranteed. :) Mom and Claire! You both look soooo good! You're so pretty :)  Anyway, I'm glad you're all doing well... That's so great that you all watched the broadcast! It was very good. :) I'M A MISSIONARY AHHH.
So. This week. I'll start with Monday- I went on exchanges to a place called Minnetonka for the day and my companion on that exchange was Sister Quilter (Sister Shelby Ballif's comp) 
The Lord's hand was definitely in this exchange. Within the 48 hours of being with Sister Quilter, I felt God's absolute love and trust for me. It was incredible.
The first two people I taught in Minnetonka were well....kind of crazy!! L
Sister Beeson and Sister Mansfield in front of concert hall where Tab Choir performed.  

Target Center

Sister Beeson and her MTC companion

A big group of us with  a gal named Martha who got baptized a year ago and went through the temple, and we got to go with her!!! :) What a success. (she's deaf by the way so it was cool seeing how the endowment was... it was different:)) and the one with me  is Sister Quilter who I went on exchanges with :)

Shoe Tree

Dinky Town
OL! The first door we knocked on, a man came to the door. He was old. Held a walker. Obese. Shirtless. Frightening. We said hello, and he didn't make any eye contact, he started YELLING.. ah! He was crashing his walker into the door and screaming at his walker... It was the most humorous/frightening thing in the world. Literally two seconds after leaving his apartment, this chick came out of hers and we talked with her. She TALKED our ear off about how her physical/spiritual bodies were separated when she was two years old and how she went to Heaven, and sat in a big meeting with Abraham and his posterity, and Isaac and his, so on so forth. And she said at this big meeting, God told her that her whole purpose and duty on this earth was to start some oil company. She was interesting... we handed her a mormon.org card and went on our way. So, that was my first impression of Minnetonka... WOW. Anyway, the next couple of days went well, it was fun. I seriously LOVE exchanges, get to meet new missionaries and see around Minnesota! It's just the best!

Hmm... Oh yes! On Thursday we were able to go to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert!!! WAHHOO!! It was AMAZING. I'd see Cheri & Rob on the screen a few times and it honestly made me feel closer to home knowing that a family friend was in the same building as me :) They performed at the Target Center and we were able to invite the Johnsons (the family that is getting baptized) ..(just the parents) they LOVED IT. They had music for all types of ethnicity's because... that's just what it is in Minnesota... SO DIVERSE. I love it. :) So that was definitely a treat. Alex Boye had a solo and he even danced and did the splits hahah it was great.
On Friday... Before Sister Mansfield and I were talking to Brother Johnson, the weather was just sunny, humid & hot. Well, we talked to him for about 45 min, and when we went back outside, it was STORMY. The sky was a super creepy gray, and I was joking around/half serious questioning if there was going to be a tornado... Sister Mansfield was like ''the sky has to be kinda green for that to happen'' well, sure enough, there's some green in the sky. The clouds were moving SO fast. It looked like fast motion. Scariest. Well, we drove about a block to a less actives house, and once we got there, it starts POURING. I have never seen rain like this. We ran out of our car to the less actives house, had our umbrellas and were out side for literally 5 seconds, and when we reached the door we were DRENCHED. Insane. Well, we got texts from our leaders telling us to stay inside because it was super dangerous outside. The power went out, we got some candles. The lightening/thunder/wind was CRAZY. I have never been a storm like this before. It was kinda thrilling! Anyway, once it settled a little, we hurry and got back in our car to get home, and we literally drove through a RIVER. People's cars were half way covered with water and broke down and had to push their way out. The water was up to their thighs/hips. There was no other way out, so Sister M and I went for it! We drove through the river! the water went half way up our windshield, it was freaky! On the drive home, we heard a billion ambulances and saw tonnnns of trees and branches everywhere fallen down. I felt like a survived something huge just because of what the after effect looked like. Haha... it was purdy cray.
Well, it's been a heck of a lot better week thanks to your prayers. I love you. I thank you for everything!!! You're all so amazing and I'll see you in 1.5 :)
Love love love you!
<3 Sister B

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