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Monday, November 24, 2014

My LAST letter home!

Hey hey! Wow, things just don't seem real. This week has been the BIGGEST emotional roller coaster of my life. Sister Smith and I laugh now about how we lived EVERYDAY last week as the same day. Over and over and over and over. It went like this:

Taught D all we could, seeing BEAUTIFUL changes come over her like never before, prepping for her baptismal interview.Visited Bro Hollins who was on Hospice, holding his hand, singing to him, and listening to him tell us, his 'daughters' (he has '4 daughters' --sister missionaries... I'm 'D4') He'd tell us his last words and how MUCH we meant to him and would just cry and cry. Eat, sleep, repeat.

Over and over. From Monday to Saturday.

D passed her interview. :)

Sunday rolled around and I had my talk ready and prepared that I spent a good amount of time preparing, and well, I had 'trunky brain' I guess and... totally forgot my talk. I went to the FH Library to print of some of my 'death letter' to go off of that, but... the printer didn't work. God apparently wanted me to just speak from my heart. I simply had my Book of Mormon and my testimony. It turned out decent.

Had 4 investigators to church.

Andddd... all of this mixed in with crazy emotions of leaving and blah blah blah... so yeah, things have just been pretty crazy!

So, that's all. I'm so excited to see you guys in like... 50 hours. :) That's so cool.

 I love you all and will see you in 2 :) xoxo

Monday, November 17, 2014

We love to try on her wigs!!!

It starts....sigh

Nov 17

Nov. 11th

Hey there, loved ones!

Mom... I'm so sorry you've been down and dizzy! But I'm glad you're feeling better!

Yeah, the time has come... I received my 'death packet'... that was... pretty emotional. I cried a little bit. :( But it's exciting at the same time, ya know? I have a looooot to do for that 'death packet'... what did you receive in the mail? I'm curious! I need to sum up these 18 months into 4-5 pages... excuse me? That's not possible. :) I'll email it to you next week.. orrrr... just use it as my homecoming talk ;)

 I'm blessed to learn from Sister Smith who is really good at talking things through. She'll be a great mama. Missions are GREAT. But I'm just so blessed that I've learned how to communicate. I legitimately did NOT know how when I came out.

Let's see...the work is moving forward.  So...I will just tell you about it when I get home:)
Our first snowfall was... TODAY! 6 inches and we're supposed to have 14 by tomorrow! You're right, I probably shouldn't have sent my boots home, huh? Oh well!

An Elder I serve with knows how DEPRIVED I am of Café Rio, so as we were talking he was moving something around in his pocket, and finally (I could tell that this was something really difficult for him to do) he pulled out a Café Rio card that has 10 stamps on it ready to be a 'FREE MEAL' hoping to get one here in Minnesota, when in reality... no café rio's exist here. He said "You're going home sooner than anybody else I know right now, plus... It sounds like you're more in love with this place than I am." WIN MY SOUL, WONTCHA?!

We had a sleepover and pancakes with our sisters last night :)

Things are going well. I'm currently studying about discipleship, and I got an awesome email from a friend that talks about it! I'll forward that in a sec. I love you all and will see you in a couple weeks!
-Sister Beeson

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hey hey, fam!

Hope you had a good Halloween. Andy, your costume made me laugh... annoying orange? Talking orange? Can't remember... mission veil... Also Andy... thank you for your sweet letter and for fasting for me. That is the greatest thing you could do for me. I love you!

Honestly, not much of an update this week. I went on 2 exchanges... Exchanges are soooooooo exhausting. It was nice to spend time with different sisters. They each have their own talents, gifts, struggles and concerns. I am grateful for the way they make me grow.
We've been concerned about the unity between members and missionaries, and Heavenly Father knew just what he needed to do to fix that. Yesterday after church, we had a lesson with a convert in a member's home, and all of a sudden in the middle of the lesson I had a 'heart attack' that's what I'm calling them since I'd imagine that's how they feel. My heart felt like a spear was in it and it hurt really really bad. I tried to sit in different positions so the pain would release but it lasted for like a whole 5 minutes... After, I was just reeeeeeeeally tired and my chest was sore. My comp called up a few people and asked what we needed to do, and everyone of them said to just take it easy, rest a bit, take some ibuprophen and then get a blessing.

Well.... we asked a member if we could come over to get a blessing, and we walked in the door and guess who was there? Elder Christensen from the District.... hahahah... he is SUPER famous in my eyes. I felt so weird... He and the member gave me a blessing, and the members were really concerned and literally said we could call them up if I needed ANYTHING.

Then, someone else found about my weird pain and they offered to bring over soup and cookies and homemade rolls.

And then ANOTHER came over to bring more soup, more rolls and fruit... and these were people we honestly hardly knew! They have been texting us all morning too,  the Lord knows that service is the key to bringing people closer together.  I feel so grateful for them.  The members here are so amazing.  We really love and appreciate them. Don't worry pain is gone…weird.

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Happy October! Another day closer to trunky! My definition of trunky is: I'll work hard in New Brighton, but am SOOO excited to go home to do so much good. I get so excited thinking about what I want for my future family, the good traditions to make and ways to teach my future kids the Gospel! But really, all I wanna do is serve people. Like Elder Godoy said: "live my life in a way that will fulfill the blessings of my patriarchal blessing." (at least I think that was who said that.) And if I remember correctly, my patriarchal blessing says the word 'service' about 25 times.

Conference was SO good. My favorites were: Sister Esplin, Elder...Jorg (the really bold talk) Elder Godoy, and Elder Bednar. It was all SO good. This felt like the first year of my LIFE where I've gotten SO so so so much out of conference. Received much revelation. :) We watched conference on Saturday at the church, then Sunday 1st session at the Peel's with our investigator, Joy, who we met at a park. She must have listened at one point, because she discussed what stuck out to her:) Anyway... wasn't it interesting that Sunday's session was like 4 talks in a row about sustaining our Prophet and Apostles? Sister Smith and I were talking about it, and we felt strongly that those speakers were inspired to share those topics, because there will be a time not too far where our Prophet will be asking something of us that is very hard, but we will need to sustain him, and follow his counsel! What do ya think?

Let's see... this week, I went on two exchanges (making up for sick days) and had a fun time in the Hmong area with a Hmong Sister:)  I went on an exchanges with a sister and it was one of the best exchanges I've had! It was really fun.
The members here are super awesome. They give us referrals like candy, show what cute young families do to be happy, and even order me new boots online. They're all sweet hearts.

Ok, Buzz was homecoming king? hahahahahahah his pictures... oh my. And may I add, watching him dance I noticed he has about as much flexibility as dad. Or worse, me. Or EVEN worse, Grandpa Dick ;) haha love it. I miss you all a lot, but I'll see you............. NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Beeson

Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm getting to the point where I'm not in the mood to email and just wanna be like "Some cool stuff happened, I'll tell ya about it when I get home. Bye." Buuuuuuuuut. I won't be that rude. Let's see. We've had quite the week of reflection and reevaluation. We are so dang busy all the time, with a billion appointments a day, but these past couple of weeks, nothing has really been happening as far as progression goes. It's like...busy work. That's not good! We're both fairly new to the area, so we are trying to find our feet. But, we've been doing a lot better.

R is the cutest gal on the block. She and her kids (even though they're 4 and 7) are progressing so well. Really, nothing is getting in the way of her to be baptized. October 11, baby. Love her. She has such a good heart. 

I spent the day in St Paul with a Spanish Speaking sister on exchanges, andddd... kinda felt like I was on day uno of my mish, as if I was called Spanish speaking, because we'd go tracting and I'd have NO idea what the people were saying, and they'd look at me and say stuff in spanish, and all I knew how to say was "Nosotros somos misionera's de la iglesia de Jesu Cristo de los santos de los ultimos dias." And that's probs way wrong. 

Sister Smith and I got in with a AWESOME L.A. and we had our first appointment, ya know, trying to gain her trust and everything, and then at the end of our appointment, Sister Smith leaps out of her chair and says "I feel very nauseated!!" We all ran to the bathroom and she BARELY made it... all on the carpet, and then in the sink.
 So. She was blessed with the 24 hour flu! I was fine, so we got permission from P. Forbes to have a member 'babysit' Sister Smith while I went with a member to visit people. That member was.......... TORI WILSON! Haha... I cannot TELL you how weird it was to be a missionary, and hop into her car WITHOUT my companion and drive with her to an appointment. We even went to Walmart after to get stuff for my comp, and I just felt so apostate the whole time. Super weird. I was with my friend for the evening! Who gets THAT opportunity? 

Something that Sister Smith and I were able to discuss together was prayer. The reason why prayer is so powerful is because it involves ALL 3 members of the Godhead. You are inviting all three members as you pray. Addressing the Father, seeking inspiration of what and who to pray for as well as humbling ourselves to receive answers through the Spirit, and then closing in the name of Christ. CoOOOooOoOoOOOool! 

Man, New Brighton is full of testimony beating people. It is really beaten EVERY DAY. It's so weird. I really thought these last two transfers would be a breeeeeze. It's been hard! And that's good. Endure to the end, eh?
I love you all;  I'm so grateful for the GOSPEL. As President Uchtdorf said, "Let us live the gospel JOYFULLY..." and the promise: "We will discover our true selves!" Love that. Amen to it. 
-Sister Beeson

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Saying Goodbye to my dear friends in Eau Claire:(

September 8

Happy Monday! I'm so happy to read your lives every week! I'm so happy you're keeping in contact with my loved ones in Eau Claire... I really do miss them a ton. 
Well... I am with Sister Smith (a former comp of Sister Szabo as well:)) and she is great!
Well. This week has been NUTS. I really will probably just give you a bullet pointed summary:
*Left Eau Claire
*Rode down to transfers with Sister Ballif
*I'm surrounded by Liberians! I am over 4 sister groups: YSA Sisters, Spanish Speaking Sisters, Hmong Speaking, and Karen Speaking...  I'm really excited, I know most of them, and they're all adorable. I'm really happy!
*Sister Smith is a runner. So... yeah. I run. Every morning. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I breathe like a fat kid though so...
*Elder Christofferson's son is my Ward Mission Leader! So that's unique... and even cooler, Brother Christofferson was going to bless his new born baby for Sunday's meeting, so you KNOW who came! Elder Christofferson! It was super cool. We called soooo many people (random people we didn't even know) and said "One of the Lord's 12 Apostles is coming to our service!!!" And sooo many people came! It was a miracle!!! Elder Christofferson approached us personally after sacrament meeting, and asked where we were from... and uh I can't remember hardly anything because I was so nervous.. BUT. He was born in the AF hospital! CAVEMAN CHRISTOFFERSON! And then he patted my shoulder 3 times, I died.
*I'm in the citiesss. It is super sketch here, but we're being safe, I promise. Oh, and Sister Louie (my 'not missionary' companion who ended up going to mexico) her uncle who I met is now in my ward! So it was super cool to see him and his family again! All these connections. Crazy.
Well, I love you all and I miss you too! Have a week filled with MIRACLES!
Sister Beeson

Monday, September 1, 2014

Sounds like you had a great week! This email is gonna be extremely short, because a member offered to color my hair... YES. Oh, and... because I have packing to do.
Yep, after a wonderful 11 months, I'm headed out of Eau Clarie! WHAT?!?!?!? 
Again, it's pretty rare to leave your trainee, usually you do the whole 2 transfers with them, but... nope! Elder Hardy, the Elder I've been serving with for 8 months is leaving his trainee too! And we are going to the same place... what the heck!! He is going to be a Zone Leader in the St Paul Zone, and President Forbes called me last night telling me I'm assigned to be a Sister Training Leader!!! AHHHHHH. I'm stressing... a lot. I didn't sleep a wink last night, and I'm just nauseous and... Sister Anderl and I had a good cry. She is terrified. I am too. It's hitting me how IN LOVE I am with Eau Claire now that I'm leaving... jk, I knew that before. :) But.... yeah. Nuts. So, that's the update. I'll be in New Brighton with Sister S.

I love you all and I'm so happy you're doing well! GO TO MOLLY SZABO'S HOMECOMING FOR ME! She gets home Wednesday, and then... I'll be home in 2 transfers. Gross. See ya later!
-Sister Beeson

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hi hi hi! School is starting already? Man! That is nuts.Everyone looks soooo much older! I am dying that Buzz is a senior and Claire is a sophomore!!! WHAT? I wish school would start up already over here.. we need people to contact on campus! It'll start up soon though in a couple weeks. 
I honestly don't have a huge update this week. It was a VERY humbling week for Sister A and I. Very very. We faced a ton of rejection, no one wanted to talk to us for a huge chunk of the week including many many of our appointments falling through, one of our progressing families met with us only once, and the other not at all,  Sister A got really sick, and no one came to church, it was just ROUGH! But. It was ok, because I learned some cool things from it. 

I keep a prayer journal and write in it nightly. I write thoughts or ideas that come to my head as I'm praying, and this week particularly, Heavenly Father helped me see that all these rotten things were happening this week because He wanted me to learn/better apply Christlike attributes. 

Jesus Christ experienced discouragement, rejection, hurt feelings, stress, a broken heart, and everything else my companion and I felt this week. Yet, Christ was miraculously still patient, charitable, humble, diligent and obedient. No one likes feeling (the above) feelings. And there are many ways of coping with those feelings. I'll admit, I was a little more bugged or hurt than I should have chosen to have been this week, but that's why day after day this week there was always another person to reject us, or another investigator calling to drop us, etc. Because... it is NOT easy to apply Christ's attributes. It takes work! I've been so humbled this week to understand in which ways the Savior would react to the day by day experiences we've had and then try to apply it myself. It was wonderfully difficult! 

Our companionship theme song for the week was: "Come Thou Fount" specifically the line: 
"Streams of mercy, never ceasing"
Heavenly Father is so patient with us. He wants us to be happy and for us to receive His mercy, even if we may not feel like we deserve it, and He will give it to us time and time again. What a BLESSING!

I'm super grateful for weeks like this, it's where I seem to grow the most, and understand my purpose and my Savior more fully. 

Since I'm a missionary, I'll leave you with a commitment this week. :)
We had a Zone Call this past week and it was about conversion. I liked it a lot so I want to share it with you and invite you do this yourself:
Read Omni 1:26
What does this mean to you?

A talk by an Apostle said this:
Pick one thing you know you should not be doing, write it down, and STOP doing it.
(do that now. :))
Pick on thing you know you should be doing, write it down, and START doing it.
I promise that if you do this, your relationship with Jesus Christ will AMPLIFY! It's a cool thing.

I love you all a lot! xoxo
-Sister Beeson

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 18th 2014

Happy Monday! It is great to hear from you, my stomach got a little queasy when you told me you got my travel plans... ALREADY?!

Mom,  Happy Birthday to the most beautiful, talented, hilarious, kind, strong, loving qwerky mom! You are so wonderful! I love you and miss you dearly.
I don't think I have thanked you enough for your example that has impacted me.  You are FORSURE my #1 role model!
When things get a little rough and tough over here, it is your strong testimony that pops into my head and has helped me stay out here just a day longer. I love you a lot for that.  I love you Mommy.

Well, this week was wonderful. Pretty sure I gained 50 pounds on Monday.
We had a dinner appointment at 5 with some members and we were stuffed because it was their daughters birthday and so we had dinner AND dessert, and then at 7, our Muslim friend, I invited us over for food (we were originally gonna go over to eat with them when they broke their fast, but we never got the chance) so... they started us off with dried dates and date cookies, and then the dinner was ready and they had all these funky meats, and rice, and french fries, and salads and hummus and pita bread and cheese wrap things, and Sister Anderl and I were already full... :/ ahh... but we put a little on our plates, and of course they were like, "More! More! Go get more! Would you like this? or that?" noooooooooooooo. I really wouldn't. But... I didn't want to be rude. I was dying. I was just eating really reallyyyyyyyyyyyy slow. And then we were about to leave and they were like, "Wait, we have one more thing for you." And they pulled out this MASSIVE chocolate icecream cake that was bigger than my face. (And my face is BIG. :(  ) I literally couldn't walk after we left. We were DEAD. So. That was NO BUENO. I wanted to barf SO bad, but you know me, I hate barfing, so... I just dealt with a big stomach ache :( 

On Andy's birthday, it was just a really hard day. And funny thing is, is that I remember Andy's birthday perfectly from last year too. I was with Sister Szabo and it was probably one of the top 3 most discouraging days on my mission, it was the first time we both cried in front of each other. Annnnnd... guess what? Same thing with Sister Anderl. Haha... So, Andy, your birthday hasn't given me the best of luck on my mission! But it's ok. I'm glad you had a good day!:)

We had the chance to take the elders appointment for them the other day. We went to a trailer/mobile home of their recent converts, and it was tiny. 2 bedrooms. 8 humans. 13 animals. Mmm. It was a GOOD time. They had psycho cats though... one of their cats, Nugget, has a history of jumping onto elders heads and licking their hair, or par-core-ing onto a moving ceiling fan. Yeah, these animals liked us... I was dying. ICK!!! It was VERY difficult to teach.. haha

Then we drove to Minnesota AGAIN for new missionary training, and it went well! We had an appointment that evening with J, some guy we met, and... we just felt better about having the elders teach him, so we asked the elders if they could take our appointment, and then they started acting all weird and hiding their smiles... they said:
"Umm... our stomaches kind of hurt... so we will probably just go straight home..."
"What happened...?"
Then Elder H pulls up his suit sleeve and reveals a hospital bracelet... hahaha
Well... here's the story, briefly.... something Buzz would totally do:
At district meeting, the elders brought a BAG full of thai peppers... and some of the elders were just popping them in like candy, and Elder Hardy  just starts CRYING because of the heat, he is shoving slices of bread into his mouth and squirting honey from the tube into his mouth, and as he is doing this, another elder says:
"You're gonna die tonight if you can't even handle a thai pepper!"
They were going to eat ghost peppers that night.
Well, supposedly they did, and Elder Hardy was dying, and his mouth and body were just on fire, he put everything/anything into his mouth that he could find: honey, bread, watermelon, milk, etc. and then he said his hands were going numb (pretty sure a ghost pepper is against the Word of Wisdom.)
Well, at like 2 am his stomach was WRECKED and he thought he had an ulcer, so he woke up the elders he was on exchanges with, got a blessing, and then afterward still felt horrible. They took him to the hospital at 2 am! The doctors gave him some sort of numbing meds and before they released him they said:
"The problem with your stomach wasn't caused by the ghost pepper, it was from some rotten watermelon you ate."
HA! And sure enough, the elders looked at the watermelon the next day and saw some things growing on it... hahah nastyyyy. 

Ok, but on the more spiritual side....
Sister Anderl and I got a referral from some members that we went to see right away, and the street that this referral lived at was like... hmm... a fairy tale street. It was so quiet, and green, and ADORABLE. We knocked on all of these houses, met a nice fellow who lived at a Snow White looking cottage, and over all it was just empty... we didn't even get in contact with the referral person. So, we knocked on the last house of that street, and again, no answer. We started walking back to our car when suddenly we hear a sweet soft voice call out:
"Excuse me! Did you knock on my door?"
we turned around and it was this beautiful woman from India. 
"Yeah, we did!"
"Well.... did you want to come in?"
"We'd love to!" 
She didn't even ask who we were! She introduced herself as A, and walked us into her home, we met her white husband B, and sat in their beautiful home. We started chatting a little bit about religion and such, A being Catholic, and B non-denominational. They were asking ALL the right questions though:
"Wouldn't God just have one true church?"
"The Bible just has way too many interpretations, it's hard to know what to believe..."
You know, just the golden investigator questions.
And then it perfectly led into the opportunity to share Joseph Smith's first vision... after it was recited, we paused in silence for a second, and then asked how they felt.
A said, "The clock stopped. Everything stood still." 
UM, best description of the Spirit EVER. The Spirit was really strong.
We continued talking, and introduced the Book of Mormon, and A was very interested (she being an English professor ) and B was a little skeptical. But... we asked them what questions they've had on their mind about religion and we'd leave them a place to read.
A wanted to know how to have better faith and trust in God, gave her Alma 32
B struggles with life after death, gave him Alma 40. It was the saddest thing. He said to us:
"All of my siblings tell me that everything is ok because even though mom and dad have passed away, they are looking out for us... and that is not true. They don't even know each other in Heaven." then he looks at A and says, "I won't know you when I die... the only relationship I'll have when I pass away is with God. I won't know my kids or my friends, none of that will be in my memory." 
WHAT? B NO. It broke my heart! Mainly to see A's face as Blooked her in the eyes and told her that! 
"B,  then why do you think God would even put us into families in the first place if we weren't meant to have a relationship after this life?"
He thought... and then completely danced around his words, eventually leading to "the Bible doesn't say we will!" ... well, it doesn't say we won't either.
It was sad, so he HARD CORE needs the P of S. We're so excited to go back and see them!!!

Sorry how MASSIVE this email is. I'll quit, but hey. I love you all. I'm so grateful for my testimony of how the Gospel BLESSES FAMILIES. I'm very very sure of that. It amazes me. Have a super week, I'll be praying for you! (esp Aunt Julynn!!)
<3 Sister Beeson
Hello my lovelies! 

Can I just tell you how amazing you all are? I love each of you so much. That video of dad and grandma Gaye made me SO happy. My companion love love loved that. I'm so blessed for all of you!!! How did I become so fortunate?

Sister Anderl and I have had a focus this week to talk to EVERY single person we saw. It really paid off! We found a LOT of new investigators and our faith has been strengthened, and if there is one thing that I have truly learned on my mission, it is to TRUST THE LORD. In everything! It is definitely easier said then done, especially when you're in a situation that you need to.

After Book of Mormon study on Thursday, we had some finding time. We weren't sure where we needed to be, but then a house that I've been prompted to go to time and time again popped into my head. This house was a mad house, and I loved passing it in the car because there are kid toys ALL over the lawn, and there are always kiddies running around and going crazy. Well, we finally followed this prompting, and we met L! She is a young Hispanic mom and recently moved from Florida and grew up Catholic, we got talking to her, and she was just SO open and her heart was SO prepared for the Gospel. We were able to share the Restoration with her, and she really really liked it and wanted to learn more! We got a return appointment with her and we shook her hand when we left, but she just pulled us in and gave us a hug thanking us! It was super neat. We will see how our appointment goes with her and her family tonight!

Then last night we were able to teach a referral from the C's.  We were teaching a little boy named I ( and his Grandpa or 'Dad' J. Our hearts ache for them and the knowledge they don't have makes them miserable! It felt so good to bear testimony and to share scriptures with our brothers. :)

We then had some finding time, and where we were finding, there wasn't much success. So looked at a map. Picked a few streets. And prayed. We headed over to where God had led us, and we met ANOTHER Hispanic family! They were ADORABLE. Super super cute. They reminded me a lot of our cousins :) The kids spoke perfect English, but the mom hardly speaks it. Thankfully we have a member who is fluent! The kids LOVED us, they followed us away and would give us hugs and wanted us to come back so soon. 

We walked down some more streets, got a few rejections, taught some lessons, and then as we started heading back to our car, we saw two men in front of their apartment building. They were both very different from one another. One was white, the other black, one was old, the other young. One was dressed in gaming clothes, the other in sports attire. The similarity we found though, was that they both looked glum. 
"Hey! How are you two doing?"
...."....alright..." They looked so weirded out. Haha
We introduced ourselves, and got talking, and I honestly cannot remember the full conversation. I am a thousand percent certain the Spirit took over our conversation, because all I know was that when we first walked up to them, they looked at us like we were crazies and looked flat out depressed, but right before we left, they were a lot more open and talkative, their countenances changed, and they even turned their frowns upside down. :) I do remember hearing about some experiences they both went through in their lives. They experienced very different things. Things that broke my heart which led me to silently thank Heavenly Father for my blessed life. One struggled with forgiveness, the other who he is. I find it miraculous that no matter who we are or what we have or are or will go through, Jesus Christ gets it. He KNOWS how we feel, and he KNOWS how to help us. These men last night, did not know how to find that help to forgive or to find who he is. We testified. A lot. And I cannot express to you the LOVE I felt for these two brothers! There have been only a little handful of times on my mission where I have met someone and by only talking to them for 30 minutes, I am overwhelmed with the love that God has for them. That happened last night. Good thing it was getting dark outside because I was getting teary. The calling I hold right now is real! And it's amazing! And I never want it to leave!

So those were a few miracles that we were able to find this week. Like I said earlier, as we fully TRUST the Lord, literally leave everything and give everything to Him, He WILL take care of us. I know that. I know that would have taken me a lot longer to figure that out if I were still in Utah. 

I love love love you all. I'm especially mindful of you this month! With all of the celebrations of your birthdays! 

Andy: Happy birthday tomorrow! I literally have no idea how old you're going to be...dddddddeeeeeeeeeepppp doooop dooooooo daaaaaaaaaaaaaa... but, I hope you have a happy happy birthday. I look forward to celebrating it with you next year. :) You're a joy and ray of sunshine to me! Thanks for being you. I love you a lot!

<3 Sister Beeson

Aug. 4, 2014

Hey, it's been a GOOD week.

We are finding many many families to teach! It's been a huge blessing. We have been teaching The A family, and they've been investigating for quite a while, and really what's holding the mom back from getting baptized is that she feels nervous to commit to something she feels like she could potentially screw up... aka... Word of Wisdom. She has some pretty bad addictions. But... we felt inspired to help her! She  needs a lot of moral support, so I volunteered Sister Anderl and I to give up ALL sweets.... ehmm... ALL. And it has been like the hardest thing ever. We are completely pathetic. Major withdrawals, we're so tired, and literally going crazy and just are craving chocolate like maaaaaaaad. But, now it's been almost a whole week, and it's not as bad as it was :P Sister A has relapsed on things a couple of times, but we're gonna continue to help her!

We are also working with the M family. It is a PM family and they are ADORABLE.  She has ADORABLE  kiddies. We've been TRYING AND TRYING AND TRYING to set up an appointment with their family, but it has not happened because the mom is just hesitant because of how crazy and hyper  her children are. But, we finally convinced her. And we got there, and guess what? The Spirit did it's magic, and they were SO good and SO attentive and had a billion questions. It was really cool. We were teaching them the Plan of Salvation, and we got to earth life and we asked what we need to do here on earth to come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the mom said: 
"I think it is really important to be baptized, because that is how I have felt closer to them."
Then the kids were like, "I wanna be baptized!" And so we talked a little bit about it and the things they'd need to do to reach that goal and then we committed them! 
They came to church yesterday and loved it, and it was just so so so special. 

Anyway, then we were able to have a great lesson with J's  mom!!! She opened up a TON yesterday during our family home evening and she is so down to earth, and notices that Mormons are different and why they are, and she's just really really cool. We committed her to come to church, and she said yes, and J about cried! It was amazing to see that!:)
Dad- Happy Birthday!  For your 43rd ( wow is this true?) I'd love to share my testimony with you.  I want you to know that I know that Heavenly Father is truly our Father and that he is a personal God.  He sent His only begotten son, Jesus, to fulfill a mission that only HE was capable of doing so that one day we would be in the arms of our loving Heavenly Father once again.
I don't fully understand the Atonement.  No one does.  But I am grateful to know that in the strength of the Lord, I can do all things.  I know that through the Atonement, ALL mankind may be saved; of course we must do our part.  I love Jesus Christ and I look forward to the day when I will kneel  at His feet to praise and thank him.
I am grateful for my testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith.  He truly did do more (save Jesus only) for the world. Joseph saw God the Father and Jesus Christ in 1820 in a grove of trees. I know this because of the Book of Mormon.
I am grateful everyday to share The Book of Mormon with my brothers and sisters. I joyfully testify that it is true!  The most correct of any book, and it truly has brought me closer to my Father and Savior. 
I treasure this short time I have to "suffer his cross' and thank my God every single day for what he has blessed me with, including my incredible, loving, covenant keeping, earthly father, Samuel B.  I love you alot and admire who you are!

Anyway, I'm lovin' it here. I really really do. It's amazing. Write back promising me you'll all come and visit with me... (preferably before Buzz's mish:)) 
I know that this Gospel is Christ's gospel, and that we are able to change our nature to become better as we seek His Atonement in our lives!
All my lovvvvvvvvvvvvve!
<3Sister Beeson

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hey! What a super week! Thanks for sending all those pics, everyone looks SOOOO big!! Freaking me out. But, all the Beeson's are BABES. I hope you sent my love for everyone:) 
Well, I don't even know where to start... Oh my. Every week is just wild. 
Well, on Tuesday I said goodbye to Sister Breedlove and worked with her companion for the next two days, that was fun! She was so sweet. 
Then Wednesday was TrAnSfErS!! Ya! I worked with Sister Reber (from my MTC group) and Sister Shumway... That was fun. We were able to find so many miracles! Also.. we went to lunch together and I got a Monte Cristo sandwich... only thing that was familiar on a Greek menu thanks to you guys, well... I was noticing some unique meat I was eating, and half way through, I asked what it was and they said it was LAMB. Oh my. It kinda grossed me out, that's how foreign I'm getting over here, peeps. Haha my my my. 
Oh! Also, I was able to get a LOVELY tour of Med Lake!!!! BLAST TO THE PAST! We had to pass that city to get to Maple Grove where we'd be working, and it was the BIGGEST tender mercy. Memories of Sister Szabo, DuBrueler and I flooded back. It was wonderful. 

Then... I was able to see my MTC companion, Sister Schwartz!! Another huge tender mercy! We were able to eat dinner together with all the greenies :) One of which is from AF High... Carly Jacklin... She had no idea this was my mission, but was sooo excited to see me. That was fun. 
During dinner I was sitting to my trainee not even knowing it! Then we went to the chapel where Sister Forbes gave a little background on our companions, and then would say where they'd be serving and with who. It was kinda nerve wracking :) It got to Sister Anderl, and I felt like she was mine... Sure enough! She is from SLC and she  likes  artsy stuff, plays music, has super cute style... (I'm currently wearing one of her skirts) and is just a sweetie pie. So we took a pic, ran outta there (because we had a two hour drive and it was already 8 pm), grabbed her suitcase and bike and thennnnnnn... I locked the keys in the trunk. Yep. Typical. Anyway, we eventually got outta there and began our adventures!! 

Sister Anderl is the cutest. She is so confident and happy to be a missionary, and is very down to earth. I'm blessed to be working with her. Eau Claire already loves her. :) Everyone in the ward is like SHOCKED I'm still here... it's super funny. So we've been teaching, finding, annnnnnnnnnnd... BAPTIZING. J's baptism was on Saturday and it was WONDERFUL!!! She is a doll. I love her so much and have learned so much from her. Her family was there to support her along with many young women. I'll send some pics :) 

Also, it is absolutely GORGEOUS here. You'll all seriously have to come and visit someday. I've never seen the color green like I see it here. It's really breathtaking. We've been driving a lot between Minnesota and Wisconsin lately plus to different cities where it takes a little drive to get there, and I'm so blessed to serve in a beautiful place with beautiful people! I love love love. 

Hey, it was sooooooooo wonderful to see the pics with you guys and Sister Merrill... that felt weird! Haha but I'm sooo happy that she came by!  She looks good, you look good.
Thank you for all your prayers and love. I'm grateful for every one of ya! :)
<3, Sister Beeson

Hey! It was so good to see the Jones' yesterday! A little piece of home :) Super weird at the same time! We only visited briefly because we had places to be, but it was good. I appreciate the CUTE clothes and jewelry and frame and Dear Lizzie bubble gum! What a treat. I love you. 
Well, this week was NUTS.

Monday-Tuesday: For some reason EVERYONE hated us and we weren't able to get any lessons hardly besides 1. 
Tuesday at lunch.... I did something REALLY dumb... I destroyed my thumb when I attempted to open a can of beans... Blood. Everywhere. Wouldn't stop. I freaked out a little, so I went to Sister N's house. She's a nurse, and she was overcoming a virus and I think we caught it.
Sister Louie and I literally have been in bed ALL. WEEK. LONG. It's been rough. Especially since we had Zone Training that week.
Friday-Saturday: Met President and Sister Forbes for the first time!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! 
 My first encounter with Sister Forbes: 
*Sitting outside the office waiting for Sister Louie to finish her interview*
Sister F: "Hey! Follow me into the bathroom while I brush my teeth and tell me about your life!"

Anyway, back to the week... Sunday was rough, Sister Louie was still sick. Then... we came home and packed.
We woke up at 6, and had a 2 hour drive to Bloomington to drop Sister Louie off :( I found out that I am going to be training a new-bee! I am excited. But currently, I am staying with the Burnsville Sisters until Wednesday, and Sister Breedlove is going home tomorrow! Her mission is over already! I'm sooooo grateful to spend her last moments with her! She's been a huge example to me.

So, that's kinda where I'm at. I'm still overcoming whatever I got... this virus has been HORRIBLE. But, I received a blessing, and I'll just try to take care of myself. I love you all and will see yuh later!!!!! :) xoxox
Sister Beeson


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ok, BEAUTIFUL shower! Dear Lizzie to the T. It made me a little homesick looking at that :) you've got a gift, mamacita. Looked great.
Glad all the camping went well this week! We had some pretty crazy storms as well. It went from like high 80's to mid 60's within 20 minutes, and clouds rolled in, and it PACKED down rain... people were driving through RIVERS. And then out of absolutely no where it started HAILING! HUUUUUGE chunks of ice... bigger than quarter size. It was freaky, I thought our windshield was gonna crack. And then the tornado siren went off, I haven't heard that at all since being on my mission, so that scared me a little, but... no tornado. Just bad winds.
This week was again full of miracles. It is amazing what happens when you have faith that the Lord will back you up 100% der der der... It's taken me so long to figure that one out. But we had a really cool miracle that resulted from 'heart-attacking' someones door. (when you cut out paper hearts and write a nice note and tape it all over someone's door) We heart attacked a less active who is struggling. She and her bf live together and the bf's sister lives with them to take care of the la's twin boys. Anyway, this la was pregnant, but she found out this week that she lost the baby. It was super sad. So, that's when we heart attacked their door. And the bf's sister, L.. she is SUPER cute. 
Well, we wrote her name along with everybody else's on the note, and I guess that REALLY meant a lot to her. H, the LA said that she about cried because it meant so much... she didn't think we even knew her name.
Well, a couple of days later, we went to H to do a teaching evaluation and as we pulled up, she was pulling out saying she forgot we were coming but that she'd be back soon and that we were free to go inside and chat with L.  We've never really talked to her that much before, but we went in and she was with her friend who is currently on probation and is going through a rough time. He is from the Middle East, and his mom in Christian, his dad is Muslim, and he has gained a super strong faith in Christ from being in and out of jail. And his personality was Scooby Dayley.
Well, thankfully 'Scooby' was asking about religion right off the bat. Then L started to ask some questions, and we were able to talk a lot about our faith. Once we started talking more in depth, H came back with 3 other guys, and then they sat in and listened! It is always soooo intimidating to teach in front of our peers, but the Spirit was sooo strong and they had legitimate questions and were really interested in the things we were teaching them. They all wanted a Book of Mormon, so we got 5 out of our car to give away.
Then when we had a moment alone with L we asked her what she is hoping to gain from meeting with us and she said, "You both are always just so happy, and I want that. I want to find myself too. I want to know who I am and to be confident in that." So we testified boldly to her that this gospel is where she will find answers to all of her life's questions. She got emotional and afterward said "I had a really big anxiety attack today, and so I wasn't wanting to talk to anybody, in fact, I wasn't even gonna open the door, but I felt like I needed to, and now I feel sooooo much better.'' It was just super cool to see her go from depressed to excited within the time we had to chat with her. AH. The Lord is good.
Another miracle is that Sister Sta (our ward musical master) was wanting to play a flute arrangement of some song, and she was gonna have her son play the piano to accompany her, but last minute he couldn't do it, so she called me and asked if I could accompany her. Ahhhh... It was a tougher piece too, but thankfully I was able to pull it off by Sunday! We were able to have 4 investigators to church and they all LOVED it. Good things are happening... and yes, I totally do think I was part of that experiment of keeping missionaries in an area for a long time... ha, I love it though!
I am so excited that Sister M is going over to eat! That's gonna be great.  She will love you all. You will love her. Tell her how much I love her and am continuing to pray for her.
Ok, horrible email. Sorry. We've just got a thousand things to do today... also.. I get my new companion next week... ahhhhhh... I'm gonna miss Sister L. It's been so fun. She has the laugh of Renee Goodman. So contagious. (her name is Renee too... odd!)
Love you all so much.
-Sister B

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hey hey! Happy 4th, it sounds like it was a whole week celebration!
Just like last 4th of July, we did... nothing. Literally. Haha I'm excited to celebrate next year.

Yesterday we had some investigators come to our church! And it was perfect because everyone seemed to have born their testimonies on Christ's Atonement and the spirit was STRONG. It was incredible.  6 investigators came to church! Whaaaaaaaat... Again, Heavenly Father has been proving to me time and time again that this is HIS work. I love it. He blessed us with SO many teaching opportunities, and again, our key indicators have never looked this good--out of my WHOLE mission. It is amazing. We are finding soooo many people who's hearts are prepared for the gospel!!! 
Like last night, the elders came with us to teach our investigator J and then it was 7 minutes before curfew and they asked how many Restoration lessons we taught this week. We said: "BAHHHHHHHHHHH.........we will tell you after we find someone to teach within the next 7 minutes."
1st door: no answer
2nd door: not interested
3rd door: guy answered, and his friend eventually came and joined in the convo, and then a very Lutheran girl who drove up came and joined us as well! (which we found out later her brother is serving a LDS mission in Ghana!... I completely believe that her brother has been praying for her to get in contact with the missionaries.) Anyway, we were able to teach them all the Restoration! MiRaClEs!!!!
Another cool miracle moment was when we had a meeting with our WML who really stressed how prompted he felt that we needed to go finding in Altoona. Which was CRAZY, because in all my weekly plannings for the past couple of weeks I have had the same promptings of: GO TO ALTOONA. So when he said that, it solidified that prompting. 
Sister L and I went to a gas station and while she was in the bathroom I looked on the map and out of all of Altoona I was drawn to 'Petunia St' and then when I was in the bathroom Sister L was drawn to 'Mum St' Petunia was a street below Mum. Crazy! So we drove over and we were pleased to see that it was a TRAILER PARK! YESSSSSSSS. HUMBLE PEOPLE. So we went out tracting, hardly anyone was home, and we met a few people uninterested, and then we had literally 5 minutes before we had to leave to our dinner appointment, and we knocked on one last house and it was a young man who has recently been going through a really rough time. We stated who we were, how we were led to him, and what we were there to share with him. He thought that it was the neatest thing that God truly led us to him. Because he was only in Eau Claire for the day and he said that it was exactly what he needed. We were able to teach him the Restoration and invite him to be baptized... it was AWESOME. God is too good.

I honestly have many more stories like that that I could share, but we have only an hour to email today.. so I'll close. But I just am so grateful for all the prayers and love and support that you've shown and given! It really means so much and I'm SOOOOOOOO grateful to be serving in Eau Claire. I can't tell you how many people at church came up to me yesterday and said "You must come back to Eau Claire and bring your family with you!" My family here, wants to meet you, my family. :) It's a good place.
I love you all and will chat with yuh next weeeeeeeeeek! <3
-Sister Beeson