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Monday, September 29, 2014

I'm getting to the point where I'm not in the mood to email and just wanna be like "Some cool stuff happened, I'll tell ya about it when I get home. Bye." Buuuuuuuuut. I won't be that rude. Let's see. We've had quite the week of reflection and reevaluation. We are so dang busy all the time, with a billion appointments a day, but these past couple of weeks, nothing has really been happening as far as progression goes. It's like...busy work. That's not good! We're both fairly new to the area, so we are trying to find our feet. But, we've been doing a lot better.

R is the cutest gal on the block. She and her kids (even though they're 4 and 7) are progressing so well. Really, nothing is getting in the way of her to be baptized. October 11, baby. Love her. She has such a good heart. 

I spent the day in St Paul with a Spanish Speaking sister on exchanges, andddd... kinda felt like I was on day uno of my mish, as if I was called Spanish speaking, because we'd go tracting and I'd have NO idea what the people were saying, and they'd look at me and say stuff in spanish, and all I knew how to say was "Nosotros somos misionera's de la iglesia de Jesu Cristo de los santos de los ultimos dias." And that's probs way wrong. 

Sister Smith and I got in with a AWESOME L.A. and we had our first appointment, ya know, trying to gain her trust and everything, and then at the end of our appointment, Sister Smith leaps out of her chair and says "I feel very nauseated!!" We all ran to the bathroom and she BARELY made it... all on the carpet, and then in the sink.
 So. She was blessed with the 24 hour flu! I was fine, so we got permission from P. Forbes to have a member 'babysit' Sister Smith while I went with a member to visit people. That member was.......... TORI WILSON! Haha... I cannot TELL you how weird it was to be a missionary, and hop into her car WITHOUT my companion and drive with her to an appointment. We even went to Walmart after to get stuff for my comp, and I just felt so apostate the whole time. Super weird. I was with my friend for the evening! Who gets THAT opportunity? 

Something that Sister Smith and I were able to discuss together was prayer. The reason why prayer is so powerful is because it involves ALL 3 members of the Godhead. You are inviting all three members as you pray. Addressing the Father, seeking inspiration of what and who to pray for as well as humbling ourselves to receive answers through the Spirit, and then closing in the name of Christ. CoOOOooOoOoOOOool! 

Man, New Brighton is full of testimony beating people. It is really beaten EVERY DAY. It's so weird. I really thought these last two transfers would be a breeeeeze. It's been hard! And that's good. Endure to the end, eh?
I love you all;  I'm so grateful for the GOSPEL. As President Uchtdorf said, "Let us live the gospel JOYFULLY..." and the promise: "We will discover our true selves!" Love that. Amen to it. 
-Sister Beeson

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