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Monday, November 24, 2014

My LAST letter home!

Hey hey! Wow, things just don't seem real. This week has been the BIGGEST emotional roller coaster of my life. Sister Smith and I laugh now about how we lived EVERYDAY last week as the same day. Over and over and over and over. It went like this:

Taught D all we could, seeing BEAUTIFUL changes come over her like never before, prepping for her baptismal interview.Visited Bro Hollins who was on Hospice, holding his hand, singing to him, and listening to him tell us, his 'daughters' (he has '4 daughters' --sister missionaries... I'm 'D4') He'd tell us his last words and how MUCH we meant to him and would just cry and cry. Eat, sleep, repeat.

Over and over. From Monday to Saturday.

D passed her interview. :)

Sunday rolled around and I had my talk ready and prepared that I spent a good amount of time preparing, and well, I had 'trunky brain' I guess and... totally forgot my talk. I went to the FH Library to print of some of my 'death letter' to go off of that, but... the printer didn't work. God apparently wanted me to just speak from my heart. I simply had my Book of Mormon and my testimony. It turned out decent.

Had 4 investigators to church.

Andddd... all of this mixed in with crazy emotions of leaving and blah blah blah... so yeah, things have just been pretty crazy!

So, that's all. I'm so excited to see you guys in like... 50 hours. :) That's so cool.

 I love you all and will see you in 2 :) xoxo

Monday, November 17, 2014

We love to try on her wigs!!!

It starts....sigh

Nov 17

Nov. 11th

Hey there, loved ones!

Mom... I'm so sorry you've been down and dizzy! But I'm glad you're feeling better!

Yeah, the time has come... I received my 'death packet'... that was... pretty emotional. I cried a little bit. :( But it's exciting at the same time, ya know? I have a looooot to do for that 'death packet'... what did you receive in the mail? I'm curious! I need to sum up these 18 months into 4-5 pages... excuse me? That's not possible. :) I'll email it to you next week.. orrrr... just use it as my homecoming talk ;)

 I'm blessed to learn from Sister Smith who is really good at talking things through. She'll be a great mama. Missions are GREAT. But I'm just so blessed that I've learned how to communicate. I legitimately did NOT know how when I came out.

Let's see...the work is moving forward.  So...I will just tell you about it when I get home:)
Our first snowfall was... TODAY! 6 inches and we're supposed to have 14 by tomorrow! You're right, I probably shouldn't have sent my boots home, huh? Oh well!

An Elder I serve with knows how DEPRIVED I am of Café Rio, so as we were talking he was moving something around in his pocket, and finally (I could tell that this was something really difficult for him to do) he pulled out a Café Rio card that has 10 stamps on it ready to be a 'FREE MEAL' hoping to get one here in Minnesota, when in reality... no café rio's exist here. He said "You're going home sooner than anybody else I know right now, plus... It sounds like you're more in love with this place than I am." WIN MY SOUL, WONTCHA?!

We had a sleepover and pancakes with our sisters last night :)

Things are going well. I'm currently studying about discipleship, and I got an awesome email from a friend that talks about it! I'll forward that in a sec. I love you all and will see you in a couple weeks!
-Sister Beeson