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Monday, August 19, 2013

Hey!! Holy cowww. QUITE. THE. WEEK.
I hope you're not gonna be bored, because this email is gonna be massive.
I'll start with Monday.
Monday (Andy's birthday) was one of the TOUGHEST days of the mish. It was very very very discouraging. We (Szabo and I) even cried a little.
... a lot. All of our appointments fell through, no one was answering the door, and if they did, they weren't interested, and we didn't teach one Restoration... it was just nothing nothing nothing. So, we were just really hard on ourselves and wondering what the deal was. Satan's biggest tool is discouragement! AH. It was tough. But we prayed our little hearts out, and we were comforted.
Tuesday, I was able to spend 4 hours with Sister Ballif! She came to my area, and we were able to see some amazing people. I felt the Spirit SOOOO strong when I worked with her. She amazes me. The way she teaches, and makes people feel loved, and LISTENS. I learned so so so much from her. It was a real treat to be with her. :) We visited a couple amazing people, and after that, I was headed over to the Crystal Towers apartment, and parked the car. We were about to head out to teach a gal named Christina, when I was prompted that we needed to visit Roxy. We headed out on the street, and... I got lost. So, I was on a street and for some reason immediately slammed my breaks and turned into a neighborhood so I could turn around. When I turned into that neighborhood, there were these Town Homes that we've NEVER seen before! TENDER MERCY (We've been struggling to find new places, because the Elders have knocked all the main apartments) Sister Ballif and I started on our little tracting adventure and met some wonderful people. I love the Lord.
Ehhh... I'll skip to the good stuff... 
Twins game: Prime.
Thursday: We had a lovely district meeting.. (always perfect and FOR me.)
on the 16th (mom's birthday) that was another really really hard day. We've just had a hard week, but we know that we've just gotta press forward with FAITH! So everything will be ok.
Well, Saturday, we took the boys (Preness and Prinell) to a baptism. And, Sister Szabo and I were asked to teach the Restoration. Well, President was there. AH. I've never taught in front of him before, so that was pretty freaky. But it went sooo well. In fact, he came up to us after and was complimenting us like CRAZY. He was very very impressed. So that was a relief! 
Then came Sunday... The day we were NEEDING Preness, Prinell, and their mom to come to church! Well, THEY DID!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!! We pulled up to the Apartments for them to follow us down, and they came out. All of them. Even the boyfriend! It literally was a miracle. They really enjoyed it, they even stayed for all 3 meetings! It was a big deal. We have another appointment scheduled to meet with them Wednesday this week :)
... But... Wednesday, Sister Szabo and I won't be together :'(
There are 37ish new missionaries coming in on Wednesday, and 14 of them are Sisters. I JUST finished training yesterday (aka I still have NO idea what I'm doing) and so I was freaking out that I'd have to train, because of all the new sisters coming in.
Well, last night, we received a text from the Presidents Assistance saying "Sister Szabo, please report to the conference call at 8:30 am tomorrow morning." She starts FREAKING OUT. Number one, because we convinced ourselves that we'd stay together. Pfft. And 2, because she knew she'd be leaving and opening a new area. I was trying to calm her down, and we were talking for like 20 min... and then I decided to say a prayer with her. Mid-prayer, the phone beeps again. "Sister Beeson, please report to the conference call at 8:30 am tomorrow morning." WHAAAAT??!?! I just finished training! I can't train!!! I cried. A bit. I don't wanna leave Sister Szabo, and I don't know what the heck I'm doing, and all of these fearful thoughts were going through my head. BUT. It's fiiiiiine.
I just barely found out like 5 min ago who/where I'm going.
I'm taking over the Medicine Lake Area, and training a cute cute gal named Sister Debruler. Sister Szabo, is getting a new-bee from the MTC, and opening in Andover.. (Still in the same zone thankfully!) 
So there you have it, yer lil' baby is growing up and is actually having some responsibility put on her shoulders. Haha oh man. This is so good for me. God just totally knows what He's doing. 
So, wish me luck, prayers are going to be needed now more than ever! 
I know that through the enabling and strengthening power of the Atonement that everything will be a-ok :) such a blessing. 
I'm so so so happy that everything went well at band camp! Claire, you're rocking it. I know it. You're already a better flutist than I am. You're working much harder than I've ever worked... haha I love you, cutie. Buzzard: STUD. what was the DL's 'clothing theme' this year? I'm so happy you're on snare! Is the show sweet? What's it called? I don't know anything!!! 
Mom: You're BEAUTIFUL. I thought Terrilyn was done? You're looking so so good. You're the best :) Dad, I'm gonna reply to your email, so I'll talk to you soon :)
I love you all SO much. I'm growing like crazy. I really am. I'm so blessed to be here in Minnesota!!!! 
Please be safe this week, lovelies! 
Sis B

Sad day when Sis. Szabo and I found out we were not going to be companions:(

Sister Ballif, Sister Szabo and I at Twins game

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Say EYE love missionary work!

Sister Szabo and I got to go to the temple this week...AMAZING.  Feeling blessed.

Feeling LARGE at life!

For Andy:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!!! I love love love YOU.
I miss you so much.
I've been thinking a lot about you these past couple days. And ya know, I have missed about 5 of your birthdays! Band camp x 4 and now here & then next year! :( but I hope you know that I miss your hugs, your smile, your laugh/humor. You are the best! I remember the day you were born. I remember dad had me choose your middle name: between Grant and Houstan. I remember holding you in my 10 year old arms. I remember feeling so lucky to have you as my little brother, and I still am so so blessed! You've been a bright light through my life and have ALWAYS made me happy :) I hope you have the best day, bud. I'll be there for your 11th birthday :) LOVE YOU FOREVER! <3
P.S. Tell me what you did for your birthday! Looks like you had some yummy waffles in bed :) are you gonna have a birthday party? Tell me everything :)
For the fam and friends:
Hellooooo! I miss and love you all as usual. Dad: Hope you got my letter, I got yours. Loved it. Thanks for taking time to do that. What'd you do for your birthday? Mom: I got your letter, thank you for writing me as well, it really means a lot. Your cursive is lovely. :) Are you going to be at band camp for your birthday AGAIN??? Where is band camp this year by the way? Haha oh man. Wish Claire good luck. Has Buzz kissed Camilla yet? Are Jack and Spencer besties? What's Andy up to? AHHH I wanna be thoroughly updated!
Here's your update:
We've been so so so blessed to have nice weather here. It's been in the 70's/cloudy and there's been some big storms. Sister Szabo and I parked our car at a gas station one evening, and just walked and walked. We had no appointments, so we just contacted for the evening, and as life would have it, it just started pouringgg. One of those 'missionary moments' :)
Nothing really crazy or amazing happened this week, actually... yes, kind of.
So, Budda and Prinell, their mom, Janelle, accepted to meet with us this week, (I told you that, right?) well, we did. Sister Szabo and I are really scared of her for some reason. Haha... she's just so intimidating. I think it's because she's asian and gorgeous. Anyway, we put on our let's-fake-it-and-be-bold-even-though-this-is-completely-out-of-our-comfort-zone-face, and we taught her. We chatted about her boys, what we've been teaching them, then we taught her, and it went SO. WELL. It really really did. The Spirit was strong, and things ran smooth. We had another appointment scheduled with her, on Saturday, so we did all we could to find a solid joint teacher to come with us, and everything was working out perfectly, we texted Janelle the night before our appointment and she was good for us to come by! Well, I had a gut feeling that things would crash and burn, because this was just too good to be true. Well---my gut was right. Boo. Janelle texted us the morning of telling us she wasn't feeling well (believable because there's a nasty bug going around--which I'm pretty sure I've caught btw I'll explain later) DANG ITTT. We decided to make her some soup and take it to her. We did, she was appreciative, and then Sunday came. We were REALLY hoping the soup would help her feel better, but she wasn't able to come to church :( gahh. BUT BUT BUT! We texted her asking if there was another day we could come by and teach her, and she accepted and ALSO asked if 'there is any chapter in the Book of Mormon to read in the mean time' WHAAAAT. Golden. Sister Szabo and I have complete faith in her and are praying things will work out!!!
But guess what? Freaking transfers are next week!!! :( what am I gonna do without Szabo?!?!  ugh. I'm nervous I'm gonna train or white wash an area :/ So, I'll letcha know next week what's gonna happen! I wanna stay put with Szabo and this area! It's been AMAZING here!!!
I'll tell you 2 more funny things that happened this week:
1. Sister Szabo and I had an appointment with a gal named Carolyn, who of course, wasn't home. So, we went outside of her apartment, sighed, and looked to the right of us, which was a crazy ghetto trailer park, and the left which were nice condo's. We prayed, and chose the latter. We started off our tracting night by going to the condo at the very end. We walked up to a door that was wide open, with the screen door shut, and there was a brown man sitting right next to the door. When he saw us, he hopped off the chair, and with a big smile, opened the door and said 'Hello!!' --it was like we were old friends of his and he was waiting for us to show up. We told him we were representatives of Jesus Christ, and he immediately motioned us to come in. His house was very nice. He had two cuuuute kiddies, and his mom was cooking dinner and his wife welcomed us in too. It was really...weird... haha
Anyway, we found out they were Hindu... eek... I didn't really know how to deal with that one, but Sister Szabo and I managed to teach them, and they were very appreciative and wanted to learn more. We were about to head out, when they offered us both a Diet Coke. WEIRD. Nicest family, invites us in on FIRST visit, wants to learn more, and gives us a drink on the way out. wowowow. We'll be going back soon. Anyway. Funny, eh?
2. So, how I mentioned, there's like a nasty flu going around, and I have NOT been feeling myself. Poor Sister Szabo has to deal with me. She's a cutie though. Mothering me. Well, it's been hard for me to eat without my stomach just absolutely KILLING, so I've been trying to take it easy. Well, I didn't eat much yesterday morning, and when I got home from church I was real hungry, so I had some soup. We had dinner about an hour later at a members house and they fed us salad, steak, potatoes, veggies, and a huuuuge creamy strawberry pie. BLEEEHHH. I felt real gross after that. WELL. We had an appointment with one of our questionably 'progressing' investigators about an hour after dinner and we were just planning on reading Alma 40 with them. Welp. Plans changed. We walked in, and there was a table set. NOOOOO. She made ribs & fried chicken & veggies & potatoes & icecream for dessert. OH MY HECK. It was just one of those funny 'mission moments' where you have no choice but to stuff it down. Two HEFTY meals within like 2 hours. Oh my heck I'm done for.
So you don't have to worry about me being fed well down here! Sheesh. Make sure you still love me when I'm 500 llbs. see yaaaa.
Anyway, we have a tiny P-day today because we're going to the Twins game on Wednesday! What theeee. Normal life? This will be weird.
Thanks for all that you ALL do. I love love love you. Read your scriptures. Say your prayers. Go to the temple (which I did btw and I was AMAZED.) Have a lovely week! <3
xoxo Sister B