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Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014

Happy October! Another day closer to trunky! My definition of trunky is: I'll work hard in New Brighton, but am SOOO excited to go home to do so much good. I get so excited thinking about what I want for my future family, the good traditions to make and ways to teach my future kids the Gospel! But really, all I wanna do is serve people. Like Elder Godoy said: "live my life in a way that will fulfill the blessings of my patriarchal blessing." (at least I think that was who said that.) And if I remember correctly, my patriarchal blessing says the word 'service' about 25 times.

Conference was SO good. My favorites were: Sister Esplin, Elder...Jorg (the really bold talk) Elder Godoy, and Elder Bednar. It was all SO good. This felt like the first year of my LIFE where I've gotten SO so so so much out of conference. Received much revelation. :) We watched conference on Saturday at the church, then Sunday 1st session at the Peel's with our investigator, Joy, who we met at a park. She must have listened at one point, because she discussed what stuck out to her:) Anyway... wasn't it interesting that Sunday's session was like 4 talks in a row about sustaining our Prophet and Apostles? Sister Smith and I were talking about it, and we felt strongly that those speakers were inspired to share those topics, because there will be a time not too far where our Prophet will be asking something of us that is very hard, but we will need to sustain him, and follow his counsel! What do ya think?

Let's see... this week, I went on two exchanges (making up for sick days) and had a fun time in the Hmong area with a Hmong Sister:)  I went on an exchanges with a sister and it was one of the best exchanges I've had! It was really fun.
The members here are super awesome. They give us referrals like candy, show what cute young families do to be happy, and even order me new boots online. They're all sweet hearts.

Ok, Buzz was homecoming king? hahahahahahah his pictures... oh my. And may I add, watching him dance I noticed he has about as much flexibility as dad. Or worse, me. Or EVEN worse, Grandpa Dick ;) haha love it. I miss you all a lot, but I'll see you............. NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Beeson

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