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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hey! What a super week! Thanks for sending all those pics, everyone looks SOOOO big!! Freaking me out. But, all the Beeson's are BABES. I hope you sent my love for everyone:) 
Well, I don't even know where to start... Oh my. Every week is just wild. 
Well, on Tuesday I said goodbye to Sister Breedlove and worked with her companion for the next two days, that was fun! She was so sweet. 
Then Wednesday was TrAnSfErS!! Ya! I worked with Sister Reber (from my MTC group) and Sister Shumway... That was fun. We were able to find so many miracles! Also.. we went to lunch together and I got a Monte Cristo sandwich... only thing that was familiar on a Greek menu thanks to you guys, well... I was noticing some unique meat I was eating, and half way through, I asked what it was and they said it was LAMB. Oh my. It kinda grossed me out, that's how foreign I'm getting over here, peeps. Haha my my my. 
Oh! Also, I was able to get a LOVELY tour of Med Lake!!!! BLAST TO THE PAST! We had to pass that city to get to Maple Grove where we'd be working, and it was the BIGGEST tender mercy. Memories of Sister Szabo, DuBrueler and I flooded back. It was wonderful. 

Then... I was able to see my MTC companion, Sister Schwartz!! Another huge tender mercy! We were able to eat dinner together with all the greenies :) One of which is from AF High... Carly Jacklin... She had no idea this was my mission, but was sooo excited to see me. That was fun. 
During dinner I was sitting to my trainee not even knowing it! Then we went to the chapel where Sister Forbes gave a little background on our companions, and then would say where they'd be serving and with who. It was kinda nerve wracking :) It got to Sister Anderl, and I felt like she was mine... Sure enough! She is from SLC and she  likes  artsy stuff, plays music, has super cute style... (I'm currently wearing one of her skirts) and is just a sweetie pie. So we took a pic, ran outta there (because we had a two hour drive and it was already 8 pm), grabbed her suitcase and bike and thennnnnnn... I locked the keys in the trunk. Yep. Typical. Anyway, we eventually got outta there and began our adventures!! 

Sister Anderl is the cutest. She is so confident and happy to be a missionary, and is very down to earth. I'm blessed to be working with her. Eau Claire already loves her. :) Everyone in the ward is like SHOCKED I'm still here... it's super funny. So we've been teaching, finding, annnnnnnnnnnd... BAPTIZING. J's baptism was on Saturday and it was WONDERFUL!!! She is a doll. I love her so much and have learned so much from her. Her family was there to support her along with many young women. I'll send some pics :) 

Also, it is absolutely GORGEOUS here. You'll all seriously have to come and visit someday. I've never seen the color green like I see it here. It's really breathtaking. We've been driving a lot between Minnesota and Wisconsin lately plus to different cities where it takes a little drive to get there, and I'm so blessed to serve in a beautiful place with beautiful people! I love love love. 

Hey, it was sooooooooo wonderful to see the pics with you guys and Sister Merrill... that felt weird! Haha but I'm sooo happy that she came by!  She looks good, you look good.
Thank you for all your prayers and love. I'm grateful for every one of ya! :)
<3, Sister Beeson

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