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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hey! It was so good to see the Jones' yesterday! A little piece of home :) Super weird at the same time! We only visited briefly because we had places to be, but it was good. I appreciate the CUTE clothes and jewelry and frame and Dear Lizzie bubble gum! What a treat. I love you. 
Well, this week was NUTS.

Monday-Tuesday: For some reason EVERYONE hated us and we weren't able to get any lessons hardly besides 1. 
Tuesday at lunch.... I did something REALLY dumb... I destroyed my thumb when I attempted to open a can of beans... Blood. Everywhere. Wouldn't stop. I freaked out a little, so I went to Sister N's house. She's a nurse, and she was overcoming a virus and I think we caught it.
Sister Louie and I literally have been in bed ALL. WEEK. LONG. It's been rough. Especially since we had Zone Training that week.
Friday-Saturday: Met President and Sister Forbes for the first time!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! 
 My first encounter with Sister Forbes: 
*Sitting outside the office waiting for Sister Louie to finish her interview*
Sister F: "Hey! Follow me into the bathroom while I brush my teeth and tell me about your life!"

Anyway, back to the week... Sunday was rough, Sister Louie was still sick. Then... we came home and packed.
We woke up at 6, and had a 2 hour drive to Bloomington to drop Sister Louie off :( I found out that I am going to be training a new-bee! I am excited. But currently, I am staying with the Burnsville Sisters until Wednesday, and Sister Breedlove is going home tomorrow! Her mission is over already! I'm sooooo grateful to spend her last moments with her! She's been a huge example to me.

So, that's kinda where I'm at. I'm still overcoming whatever I got... this virus has been HORRIBLE. But, I received a blessing, and I'll just try to take care of myself. I love you all and will see yuh later!!!!! :) xoxox
Sister Beeson


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