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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8

Happy Monday! I'm so happy to read your lives every week! I'm so happy you're keeping in contact with my loved ones in Eau Claire... I really do miss them a ton. 
Well... I am with Sister Smith (a former comp of Sister Szabo as well:)) and she is great!
Well. This week has been NUTS. I really will probably just give you a bullet pointed summary:
*Left Eau Claire
*Rode down to transfers with Sister Ballif
*I'm surrounded by Liberians! I am over 4 sister groups: YSA Sisters, Spanish Speaking Sisters, Hmong Speaking, and Karen Speaking...  I'm really excited, I know most of them, and they're all adorable. I'm really happy!
*Sister Smith is a runner. So... yeah. I run. Every morning. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I breathe like a fat kid though so...
*Elder Christofferson's son is my Ward Mission Leader! So that's unique... and even cooler, Brother Christofferson was going to bless his new born baby for Sunday's meeting, so you KNOW who came! Elder Christofferson! It was super cool. We called soooo many people (random people we didn't even know) and said "One of the Lord's 12 Apostles is coming to our service!!!" And sooo many people came! It was a miracle!!! Elder Christofferson approached us personally after sacrament meeting, and asked where we were from... and uh I can't remember hardly anything because I was so nervous.. BUT. He was born in the AF hospital! CAVEMAN CHRISTOFFERSON! And then he patted my shoulder 3 times, I died.
*I'm in the citiesss. It is super sketch here, but we're being safe, I promise. Oh, and Sister Louie (my 'not missionary' companion who ended up going to mexico) her uncle who I met is now in my ward! So it was super cool to see him and his family again! All these connections. Crazy.
Well, I love you all and I miss you too! Have a week filled with MIRACLES!
Sister Beeson

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