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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hello my lovelies! 

Can I just tell you how amazing you all are? I love each of you so much. That video of dad and grandma Gaye made me SO happy. My companion love love loved that. I'm so blessed for all of you!!! How did I become so fortunate?

Sister Anderl and I have had a focus this week to talk to EVERY single person we saw. It really paid off! We found a LOT of new investigators and our faith has been strengthened, and if there is one thing that I have truly learned on my mission, it is to TRUST THE LORD. In everything! It is definitely easier said then done, especially when you're in a situation that you need to.

After Book of Mormon study on Thursday, we had some finding time. We weren't sure where we needed to be, but then a house that I've been prompted to go to time and time again popped into my head. This house was a mad house, and I loved passing it in the car because there are kid toys ALL over the lawn, and there are always kiddies running around and going crazy. Well, we finally followed this prompting, and we met L! She is a young Hispanic mom and recently moved from Florida and grew up Catholic, we got talking to her, and she was just SO open and her heart was SO prepared for the Gospel. We were able to share the Restoration with her, and she really really liked it and wanted to learn more! We got a return appointment with her and we shook her hand when we left, but she just pulled us in and gave us a hug thanking us! It was super neat. We will see how our appointment goes with her and her family tonight!

Then last night we were able to teach a referral from the C's.  We were teaching a little boy named I ( and his Grandpa or 'Dad' J. Our hearts ache for them and the knowledge they don't have makes them miserable! It felt so good to bear testimony and to share scriptures with our brothers. :)

We then had some finding time, and where we were finding, there wasn't much success. So looked at a map. Picked a few streets. And prayed. We headed over to where God had led us, and we met ANOTHER Hispanic family! They were ADORABLE. Super super cute. They reminded me a lot of our cousins :) The kids spoke perfect English, but the mom hardly speaks it. Thankfully we have a member who is fluent! The kids LOVED us, they followed us away and would give us hugs and wanted us to come back so soon. 

We walked down some more streets, got a few rejections, taught some lessons, and then as we started heading back to our car, we saw two men in front of their apartment building. They were both very different from one another. One was white, the other black, one was old, the other young. One was dressed in gaming clothes, the other in sports attire. The similarity we found though, was that they both looked glum. 
"Hey! How are you two doing?"
...."....alright..." They looked so weirded out. Haha
We introduced ourselves, and got talking, and I honestly cannot remember the full conversation. I am a thousand percent certain the Spirit took over our conversation, because all I know was that when we first walked up to them, they looked at us like we were crazies and looked flat out depressed, but right before we left, they were a lot more open and talkative, their countenances changed, and they even turned their frowns upside down. :) I do remember hearing about some experiences they both went through in their lives. They experienced very different things. Things that broke my heart which led me to silently thank Heavenly Father for my blessed life. One struggled with forgiveness, the other who he is. I find it miraculous that no matter who we are or what we have or are or will go through, Jesus Christ gets it. He KNOWS how we feel, and he KNOWS how to help us. These men last night, did not know how to find that help to forgive or to find who he is. We testified. A lot. And I cannot express to you the LOVE I felt for these two brothers! There have been only a little handful of times on my mission where I have met someone and by only talking to them for 30 minutes, I am overwhelmed with the love that God has for them. That happened last night. Good thing it was getting dark outside because I was getting teary. The calling I hold right now is real! And it's amazing! And I never want it to leave!

So those were a few miracles that we were able to find this week. Like I said earlier, as we fully TRUST the Lord, literally leave everything and give everything to Him, He WILL take care of us. I know that. I know that would have taken me a lot longer to figure that out if I were still in Utah. 

I love love love you all. I'm especially mindful of you this month! With all of the celebrations of your birthdays! 

Andy: Happy birthday tomorrow! I literally have no idea how old you're going to be...dddddddeeeeeeeeeepppp doooop dooooooo daaaaaaaaaaaaaa... but, I hope you have a happy happy birthday. I look forward to celebrating it with you next year. :) You're a joy and ray of sunshine to me! Thanks for being you. I love you a lot!

<3 Sister Beeson

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