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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hey hey, fam!

Hope you had a good Halloween. Andy, your costume made me laugh... annoying orange? Talking orange? Can't remember... mission veil... Also Andy... thank you for your sweet letter and for fasting for me. That is the greatest thing you could do for me. I love you!

Honestly, not much of an update this week. I went on 2 exchanges... Exchanges are soooooooo exhausting. It was nice to spend time with different sisters. They each have their own talents, gifts, struggles and concerns. I am grateful for the way they make me grow.
We've been concerned about the unity between members and missionaries, and Heavenly Father knew just what he needed to do to fix that. Yesterday after church, we had a lesson with a convert in a member's home, and all of a sudden in the middle of the lesson I had a 'heart attack' that's what I'm calling them since I'd imagine that's how they feel. My heart felt like a spear was in it and it hurt really really bad. I tried to sit in different positions so the pain would release but it lasted for like a whole 5 minutes... After, I was just reeeeeeeeally tired and my chest was sore. My comp called up a few people and asked what we needed to do, and everyone of them said to just take it easy, rest a bit, take some ibuprophen and then get a blessing.

Well.... we asked a member if we could come over to get a blessing, and we walked in the door and guess who was there? Elder Christensen from the District.... hahahah... he is SUPER famous in my eyes. I felt so weird... He and the member gave me a blessing, and the members were really concerned and literally said we could call them up if I needed ANYTHING.

Then, someone else found about my weird pain and they offered to bring over soup and cookies and homemade rolls.

And then ANOTHER came over to bring more soup, more rolls and fruit... and these were people we honestly hardly knew! They have been texting us all morning too,  the Lord knows that service is the key to bringing people closer together.  I feel so grateful for them.  The members here are so amazing.  We really love and appreciate them. Don't worry pain is gone…weird.

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