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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25, 2014

Hi hi hi! School is starting already? Man! That is nuts.Everyone looks soooo much older! I am dying that Buzz is a senior and Claire is a sophomore!!! WHAT? I wish school would start up already over here.. we need people to contact on campus! It'll start up soon though in a couple weeks. 
I honestly don't have a huge update this week. It was a VERY humbling week for Sister A and I. Very very. We faced a ton of rejection, no one wanted to talk to us for a huge chunk of the week including many many of our appointments falling through, one of our progressing families met with us only once, and the other not at all,  Sister A got really sick, and no one came to church, it was just ROUGH! But. It was ok, because I learned some cool things from it. 

I keep a prayer journal and write in it nightly. I write thoughts or ideas that come to my head as I'm praying, and this week particularly, Heavenly Father helped me see that all these rotten things were happening this week because He wanted me to learn/better apply Christlike attributes. 

Jesus Christ experienced discouragement, rejection, hurt feelings, stress, a broken heart, and everything else my companion and I felt this week. Yet, Christ was miraculously still patient, charitable, humble, diligent and obedient. No one likes feeling (the above) feelings. And there are many ways of coping with those feelings. I'll admit, I was a little more bugged or hurt than I should have chosen to have been this week, but that's why day after day this week there was always another person to reject us, or another investigator calling to drop us, etc. Because... it is NOT easy to apply Christ's attributes. It takes work! I've been so humbled this week to understand in which ways the Savior would react to the day by day experiences we've had and then try to apply it myself. It was wonderfully difficult! 

Our companionship theme song for the week was: "Come Thou Fount" specifically the line: 
"Streams of mercy, never ceasing"
Heavenly Father is so patient with us. He wants us to be happy and for us to receive His mercy, even if we may not feel like we deserve it, and He will give it to us time and time again. What a BLESSING!

I'm super grateful for weeks like this, it's where I seem to grow the most, and understand my purpose and my Savior more fully. 

Since I'm a missionary, I'll leave you with a commitment this week. :)
We had a Zone Call this past week and it was about conversion. I liked it a lot so I want to share it with you and invite you do this yourself:
Read Omni 1:26
What does this mean to you?

A talk by an Apostle said this:
Pick one thing you know you should not be doing, write it down, and STOP doing it.
(do that now. :))
Pick on thing you know you should be doing, write it down, and START doing it.
I promise that if you do this, your relationship with Jesus Christ will AMPLIFY! It's a cool thing.

I love you all a lot! xoxo
-Sister Beeson

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