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Monday, July 15, 2013

I am loving THIS Medicine!

Hi there!!!! Oh my gosh. I am ONE. HAPPY. MISSIONARY. 
 I am now in the Medicine Lake Ward (Plymouth) with the lovely Sister Szabo! Mom, I LOVE her. I am so so so incredibly blessed to be companions with her. She's blessing me so much already, and it has only been 4 days. Within FOUR days, Sister Szabo and I taught NINE Restoration lessons in 3 days. That's insane! If you don't quite know what I mean by that, it means, finding people on the street, stopping them, getting to know them, telling them we are missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, talking about how when Christ was on the earth He established His church and gave His apostles authority, going into people rejecting Jesus Christ/Disciples & power taken from the earth, then going into the Restoration, telling Joseph Smith's story, reciting the First Vision, inviting that random person on the street to be baptized, then saying a closing prayer. It's pretty intense. It was really scary at first, but Sister Szabo and I are a power house and busting these puppies out:) Sister Mansfield and our Zone Leaders found out and were SOOO proud of us!
First day there, we had dinner at the Ojo's house. Mom. Sister Ojo was YOU. A black YOU. She was hilarious, amazing cook, cute decorated house, went on a mish, and doesn't take crap from anyone. It was a blessing to be there:)
On Saturday, we went to a baptism for a teenager named Aminata, we were asked to teach the Restoration while she was getting dressed back into her church clothing. That went well, the Spirit was very strong. I met a lot of the ward members after that, (and btw I have only heard the BEST of things about the Medicine Lake ward) they were all SO nice... Everyone was so happy to have me there, and I felt at home immediately. TIt's so great! We were invited that night to Bishop Henstrom's house for a 'get to know the new ward members BBQ' and Mom. You would have DIED. Their house was beautifulllll. It's honestly something you'd see on Country Living magazine.. antique deck/little area that had furniture with hanging lights, and their backyard was MASSIVE, with huge beautiful willow trees, a lovely garden, and a super pretty lake in the back. I loved it. Anyway, we were there to 'mingle' with the new wardies. We met some really great people, and there was some really great food.
Sunday was looonnnggg... We were at the church from 8-3 with meetings n'stuff. We were sitting in Sacrament meeting singing the Sacrament hymn, and after the hymn ended, Brother Ojo got up and said in his lovely African accent "We ah oot uff breed, soo, we will haff Seester Beeson come an sheh her testeemony" (we are outta bread, Sister B will share her testimony) Didn't see that one coming! Went up, introduced myself, bore my testimony on Missionary Work, The Atonement of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. It was a really nice opportunity. And after Sacrament meeting, people just swarmed up to us and were introducing themselves. Those Minnesotians! They're just the cutest.
That night we were invited to the Camps for dinner. The Camps are a LEGEND. They're an older couple and are just 100% missionary minded. I LOVE them. The people at dinner were supposed to be the Camps (obv) the Spitzenburgers (another awesome missionary minded couple) us, and the Asamoahs (member husband, non member wife) We had a lovely Gospel Discussion.
After that, we visiting good ol' Brother Larry. He read SO much!!! He read all of the Introduction, all of the Testimonies, 1 Ne 1-7, and the whole Book of Moroni! Whaaaaat? What a stud. He took about 30 min to tell us what he learned, and we are just so proud of him. He's great.
And yes, the Johnson's. That was why I was upset to get transferred. BUT. If we have an investigator to come with us (which we do as of now) then we can go! I'm so excited. It's this Thursday at 7! You guys should come ;) Sister Mansfield asked us to teach the Restoration at that baptism too. So that'll be fun!
I have a great district! They're super cool.  I feel like I'm gonna be here--Med Lake for a while :) I'd be fine with that!
Sorry, I feel like this email is super scattered and unorganized. But just know that I am oh-so-happy, a wonderful companion, I live in a tidy member home, I get to drive, I have a nice bunk bed, and the best ward in Minnesota. I love this Gospel! Being a missionary is great. :) Love you all, thanks for your prayers!
Have a lovely week and keep safe and cool!
xoxo Sister Beeson

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