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Monday, July 22, 2013

Johnsons were baptized!!

Hello, hello! Well. It's been quite the week; again. I'll answer your question though before I start so I won't forget :) I play the piano for district/zone meetings sometimes... We don't have them very often, but at least I get the chance to! The member home I live in also has a piano, so I play on that sometimes when I have time. It's hard playing ONLY church stuff. Haha oh well. Also, I think I already told you this, but I have sang a lot in lessons. That might sound weird, but it totally brings the Spirit. And also in the morning, before companionship study, we're supposed to sing a hymn together. So I feel like I'm just singin' all the time! It's good. :)
Ah it's killing me to be here when Mik and the kiddies are there!! I miss them mucho! Tell them that, ok?
Monday, p-day, the usual.
Well, on that exchange I was able to see Sister Brueshaber! (One of my fav less actives we'd always visit and the Johnsons!!! They had their last interview before their baptism Thursday! It was soooo good to see them. They were WAY excited to see me too. 
So. The exchange went well. 
The days have been soooo  hot. AND HUMID. It's the humidity that's a killer. Especially when I shower, and I feel like the soap is still on me no matter how long I stand in the water to rinse off. Soft waterrrr. Gotta love it.
Well, Thursday came! The day of the Johnson's baptism!! We had our investigator Roshel ready to come with us. We asked her weeks in advance to come, and she agreed to it. We kept following up making sure she could come, and on the day of the baptism, we texted her about 2 hours before the service and she said she was still good to come. WELL. She didn't. She totally ignored our phone calls, wouldn't answer the door, wouldn't text back. I was HEART BROKEN. I told the Johnson's I'd be there--plus we were supposed to teach the Restoration at the baptism! We couldn't go. I was so so so sad. In fact, Sister Szabo and I cried. Very upsetting. But, we prayed, got over it, and figured there was a reason we weren't supposed to go. We had to find that person--whoever it was to be, to teach the Restoration to. Well, from 6 pm to about 8:50 we were knocking and walking, and doing EVERYTHING we could and NO ONE was home. It was killing us. We weren't understanding the reason why we had to miss the baptism. So, we were about to start heading home (our curfew is at 9) but then we figured we'd walk until we found someone. So, it's about 8:58 by now, no one... but we turned a corner, and saw an old lady, sitting in her jazzy, in the middle of a parking lot, by herself, doing a crossword puzzle. WHAT? Couldn't be more random, right? Well, we taught her. I felt the Spirit SO strong while teaching her. She's been through the wringer, and is so strong. Her name is Marlene. What a cutie. We have a return appointment with her, so we'll see where that takes us, but she seemed SO interested and was just the best. 
There are so many other little stories/tender mercies/miracles that happened in the week, but I still have to reply to a lot of people. But we DID have people make it to church this week! Two cute little boys (Budda-10, and Prinell-8) come to church with us. They enjoyed it and are soooo smart, and LOVE listening to us.. in fact, we taught them this week when they were at the POOL with their FRIENDS. They got OUT of the pool to have a lesson. What little boys in the WORLD would do that?! They're the best. We also got our investigator Larry and his girlfriend to attend church!!
Sister Szabo is the best. We are just having the time of our LIVESSS. She really keeps me going. I am sooo grateful to be her companion. We're already planning on what we're gonna do together when we both get home. BFF4LIFE. :)
Love you all. You're all in my prayers. Always. :)
xoxo, Sister Beeson!

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