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Monday, July 8, 2013

Mamacita & fam & friends!!
Ahhhh... WHAT. A. WEEK. I don't even know where to start. Let's see... I can't even remember the beginning of the week. hmm... well, the week started off with Sister Schwartz (my lovely MTC comp) and I being companions for the day!!!! That was the absolute BEST.
 I drove for the first time (since May 15...eek) and we really had no idea where we were, but hey, all our appointments worked out, we taught some Restorations, and we had success! Not as bad as I thought it'd be :D It was fun. She's the cutest ever. I am so happy to know Sister Schwartz! 
Ok... So. Cool story, ready? (I honestly can't remember if I told you any of this, sorry if I did, but there's more to the story anyway) So last Friday when I was on exchanges, Sister Mansfield and the comp she was with met a man named Marvin. Marvin is old. He's African American, he's BUFF. He has a rough background: Wife died when he was 27. Mom died 7 months later. Got remarried. Recently divorced. Ex & kiddies want nothing to do with him. He was prompted to move to Minnesota, first person he ran into was an LDS member, next day, ran into some missionaries, and a day later, got referred to us. We taught him Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. AHHH! Amazing. He is keeping ALL of his commitments, and feels strongly he needs to get baptized. We have a baptismal date set for August 3rd. How exciting!!! Well, Marvin is home-less & job-less. Quite unfortunate. So, he has been PRAYING like crazy to get a job so he can provide for himself. We have been praying for him too. WELLLL... He got a job! BUT. The shifts are Sunday-Friday. Boo. He'd still be able to come to church (9-12) but then he'd have to work (4-12) so, that was a big bummer. We talked to him on the 4th of July and taught him about the Sabbath, etc. We were lovingly bold and he knows the importance of the Sabbath. We talked with our leaders and such and we all decided that he just needs a job to get him back on his feet to provide for himself, and THEN start looking for a new job/asking for Sundays off. He's amazing. I look up to him so much, and I love meeting with him, because I learn from HIM! So, that's exciting. 

So July 4th!! AH! Thanks soooo much for the pics. I LOVED them. So so so good. 
So, the morning of July 4th, there was the Shingle Creek/Elm Creek ward breakfast! There were a lotttt of people there including loads of investigators! Right when I got there, this gal runs up to me saying "Sister Beeson!!" I didn't recognize her... She introduced herself saying, "I'm Amy Anderson, Michael Peterson's sister!" Awww... a relation to home! I was so happy :) and guess who was with her? Tuesday! It was good to see her too:) they were both so nice and told me if I ever need 'ANYTHING' to call her right up:) the breakfast was good, I love my ward. They're all so great! I really wish you all could just look through my eyes at Sacrament Meeting. It is THE BEST. 
It's quite empty most of the time, because... well... it's not Utah. But there are just tons of Liberians in there crazy, colorful garb, translators, for deaf people, the organist usually just plays right hand, Liberian prayers are so heart felt and...  I just love everyone there! 
So, onnnn... Friday I was able to go on exchanges with Sister Szabo from American Fork, Utah! She's just the cutest. I loveddd being with her, and I honestly thought we rocked it the two days we were together. 
Oh and  I'm getting transferred.  I am going just right next door to a place called Medicine Lake (Plymouth) I'm so excited. That was actually where I had my first exchange, so I'll be living in a members house! Wednesday is THE DAY. 
 I'm just way bummed because I have grown to love sooo many people down here in these past 6 weeks. It's crazy. And I don't get to go to the Johnson's baptism unless I have an investigator with me! So hopefully we'll find someone to come! 
Well e'rybody. Life is GOOD. I'm a missionary! I love it! The days go by fast, so I have to remember to use the Lord's time WISELY. I love you all have an incredible week for me! xoxoxo 
Sister Beeson and Sister Schwartz enjoying a BIG Minnesota treat:)

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