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Monday, August 5, 2013

Hey, I got the package this week! It made my day! Thank you so so so much! Such a treat :) thanks to Nonna and Shaun too:) You're all the sweetest.
So this week has been great! I'll give ya kind of the day-to-day update:
Last Monday: Our P-Day ended at 4 instead of 6, because Sister Szabo and I agreed to go teaching with the Mathis' (missionary couple) to a gal named Peace.
We've been teaching her a ton, and she is SO ready. The Spirit is so strong each lesson, and Sister Szabo and I are learning a lot from the Mathis'--particularly to teach people & not lessons. :)
Tuesday-Thursday... Huge chunks through these days, we've been helping this funny black lady named Bria move. She has no interest in the Gospel, but heard that missionaries do free service, so she's totally been using us. Haha she's really nice and funny though. She's a fantastic singer and made Sister Szabo and I sing to her every time we came over. So, hope you're happy! I've been singing.
I had my first Zone Conference on Thursday! It was SO good. I was asked to play the piano. I played the 'I Love to see the Temple' song for prelude, and I got billions of compliments on it... people seem to really enjoy that one:) Even the speakers (President Clements and President Curr) mentioned how beautiful and what a great Spirit the music I played brought for the meeting... Aw:) Made me feel great! So, the Zone Conference was AMAZING. Everything I needed to hear. I learned so so so so much. All things that were spoken of were honestly inspired, and I feel like they were just for ME. Sister Szabo felt the same way :)
Remember a long time ago when I told you I missed the Johnson's baptism and then we found that 'miracle lady' sitting in her jazzy doing a crossword puzzle? Well, Sister Szabo and I totally found her doppleganger. They're both black. They're both super tall. They both have the same knee problem. They're both widows. They both have lots of kids. They're seriously the same person! It's kinda funny. Sister Szabo and I have been teaching those two ladies, and want them to become friends! We hope to see them both at church this Sunday so they can be buds:)
mmm... Oh, another thing: our cute little boy investigators (I'll send a pic of them too) they are doing SO good. They came to church again yesterday, and their fellow-shipping is going GREAT. They adore church. Well, Sister Szabo and I have been wanting to get the mom involved, so we actually had a chance to see her this week, and she agreed to meet with us tomorrow!!! Wouldn't that be great if their little family got baptized?! We prayed and fasted like crazy yesterday.
Speaking of fast Sunday, our dinner appointment totally got canceled yesterday... on a fast Sunday... of course... and when we're quite low on food, of course... hahah it was really funny actually. We just packed PB&J's and Jolly Ranchers and ate it in the car.. it was funnny....
Umm.. well this week has been great! Thanks again for the lovely package!!! I pray for you all I love you all!
We get to go to the temple this week! We're also going to a Twins game next week... bahhhhh......
<3 Sister Lize

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