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Monday, September 30, 2013

also, yes. the relief society broadcast. I died. SOOOO good. I cried a bit. I LOVE this church. Is it true or WHAAAAT.

Hey fam bam!
I know that I say every week is a roller coaster week, but this week was a legit roller coaster week. Monday night, President calls us and said "what would happen to your area/investigators if you left them for a little bit?" "umm... they'd still be solid" "ok, then pack your bags for 8 days, Sister Beeson, you're headed to Bloomington for the week and will be in a Tripanionship with Sister Pead and Sister Edstrom. Sister DuBrueler, you're going to Eden Prairie with Sister Mansfield."
So, pretty much that was Sister D's and my last day working together. :'(  because we found out transfers today. soooo sadddd!!! I was really upset. We both were. BUT! It has been fun! We've biked a ton, we had a baptism, and I fell in love with the ward! :)  We were teaching this less active lady who is OBSESSED with breaking the Law of Chastity, so we came up with the idea of getting pictures of Jesus and temples and huuuuge posters with scriptures on there so that she wouldn't have that temptation anymore. Annnnd, so far, it has worked!
I can't hold it in. ahhhh... I'm leaving Med Lake!!! :'( I'm gonna cry. I'm leaving Janelle and Dustin and the boys!!!!!! :( OUUUUCH. I'm headed 2 hours away. To Wisconsin. What the heck. In a place called Eau Claire.(claire...yay:)) kay, see ya.
AHHHH I really am so so so so so sad :( my companion will been Sister Fisher who leaves after this transfer... I heard she's a doll, so that's good.:)
Buuuut, I really can't focus on anything besides the fact that I'm leaving Med Lake and I'm freaking out and I have to drive 40 minutes back to med lake to pack, back to bloomington, and then 2 hours to wisconsin. OH MY LANTA. Missions are too weird. my life can change within 48 hours.
Anyway, glad MB season is going well. I wanna see the show DANGIT. Mom, don't ever hashtag again. hahahaha miss you all and love you. Until next week, my lovelies. :)

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