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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hard Times ....sigh

Hey!! I miss you!
Ugh. This week has been TOUGH. Ehh... more like that past 24 hours. Sister D and I have been crying like we've just gone through a bad break up. We've got the roll of toilet paper in our room, and we have lots of chocolate, and... we've only got each other. This is soooo tough. Good thing I had absolutely no idea how hard this would be before I came out here!!!
But! It's fine. Our week was pretty decent.
J and D and their fam were SUPPOSED to get baptized on the 28th this month.
I was on exchanges with Sister Mansfield on Friday when we went to their house, and we were just doing kind of a huge follow up/'see where they're at' lesson, and bad news. 
J's divorce could possibly take MONTHS.
  But D wants a Spring wedding, and things are just kind of going down.
 Zone Leaders called, they were bugged, District Leader called, President called last night telling us we need to talk to them tonight and tell them to separate until the divorce is final. It's just been one thing after another, and Sister D and I just feel like we're doing everything WRONG. 
 When I was on exchanges with her, the first person we dropped by to see was Larry and Bev (I sent a pic of me and Bev a while ago) And when I got to Bev's room, everything was moved out. Her name wasn't on the door. My heart stopped. 
I asked the nurse where she was. 
Bev passed away Wednesday. 
I lost it. 
I loved her soooo much. 
She was very special to me and I LOVED visiting her. 
It's funny, every companion I've had has told me that I am literally MEANT to work with the elderly.  I really do have an overwhelming love for elderly people and am seriously considering working with them when I get back. :)
But on the upside, they came to all 3 meetings for church yesterday, Di drew a cute pic for me in Primary, and then they came to the President's fireside that evening.
The fireside:
I got out of the car, and saw the JOHNSON'S!!!! They were so so so happy to see me! It really made my day (they were one of the speakers for the fireside)
I saw SISTER SZABO!!!! Made. my. life. I miss her too much. She has had SO much of an impact on me. I feel so bad for her, she was telling me how absolutely HARD it is in Andover.
I saw a ton of Shingle Creek people, and a family we were working with are getting baptized next week! It was just soooo amazing to see all these people and the changes they are making in their lives to come closer to Christ. Their countenances showed it!
Sister D and I performed our musical number (arranged version of 'I am a Child of God' it went fairly well! So that was fun. Buuuuut yeah, this week has been a literal roller coaster. And, it looks like it won't stop until next November! Ahhh. Thank you for your prayers though. That's what's keeping me out here.
Love you.xoxo
Sister B.
PS, Yes I got your package and snail mail. MEANT THE WORLD.
Buzz looked great at homecoming! 

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