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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

 I'm so glad you all made a 'get away.' Fall break always seems to come when you need it most. How is dad? I've been worrying about him lately. Us missionaries talked to the Eau Claire bishop yesterday, and he just looked like he had SO much on his plate; I couldn't help but think about dad. You're the PERFECT companion for him, mom. He wouldn't be able to do what he is doing without your love and support--GUARANTEED.
Well, this week just FLEW by. I feel like my mission is going faster and faster--just like people would always tell me. We had a BAPTISM! My first! I don't know if it really counts since I only taught them once, but hey. :) M and A got a knock at the door December 2012-- the month I opened my call! And here they are, a year later, members of the church. :) It was a beautiful baptism, and Sister Fisher and I did a musical number (arrangement of 'I am a Child of God') it went well! 

Something that I have noticed since being here in Eau Claire is that I feel a LOT more in tune with the Spirit.. I don't know what has happened, but I find myself in lessons with words literally flying out of my mouth that I know for a FACT is not Eliza. It's suuuuper cool. 
Also... every district meeting, we role play. I HATE roleplaying with everything inside me. Why? Because the feedback I ALWAYS get is, "BOLD BOLD BOLD! BE MORE BOLD!" and it has always made me feel like a crappy missionary. BUT.
This week, my first district meeting in Eau Claire, we roleplayed. And I decided to take the advice I have been getting for the past 5 months and put it to action. 
I roleplayed extending a bold invitation to be baptized, and to attend church to an Elder who I came out with. He went first, and did awesome. I went next and was nervous--because of my past roleplaying experiences. BUT I did it. And I realized that whole 'words-flying-out-of-my-mouth' thing again. He looked at me after the roleplay and was SHOCKED. He kept saying how amazing I did and how he felt the Spirit so strong and loved how bold I was. WHAAAAT?! That made me feel like a hundred bucks. ( I'm not trying to brag, but it's just awesome how much the Spirit has overcome my words!) 

I met someone who is related to an A.F. friend here. President Squires is related to Jennifer Squires (the gal who was in the little graduate group who attended the temple and did little mission lessons together) so that was cool! The ward is different, it's good. Just different. I'm still pretty homesick from Med Lake, but Eau Claire is slowly growing on me. :) 

One last thing: In March, Sister Fisher and her previous companion, Sister Cartwright tracted the apartment buildings that we currently live in before they lived in them. They met a gal named K who didn't come off too interested. She was nice, but definitely didn't want to listen. Well, a little while later, the sister's moved in and became neighbors with K! They were always so nice to her, and so she'd even come by and visit them on occasion. Well, these sister's started to do 'teaching evaluations' (practice teaching lessons) with K. The more practice lessons they did, the more K felt the Spirit. She said every church she has attended has not given her the 'structure' she wants/needs. When the sister's committed her in their practice lesson to keep the Word of Wisdom, she did. When they asked her to read chapters out of the Book of Mormon, she did. She is CHANGING. She had a REALLY rough past, but through keeping these commitments, she is noticing the changes in her life and has decided to devote her life to God. Although we are K's friends and neighbors, we notice that she recognizes us as true representatives of Jesus Christ and as people she can trust.  We are teaching her about the Law of Chastity tonight, soooo... wish us luck! :) 

I'm learning to love being here. It's so different, but it's something that I'm coming to understand how much I NEED to be here. Serious.
I love you all so much! Stay warm and happy! 
Love, Sister Eliza

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