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Saturday, January 18, 2014

December 30th 2013

Hey, fam!
Soooo weird and wonderful being able to talk to you all a couple days ago. I loved that. It was hard, because for a big chunk of my mission, I have been trying to not think about home at all and focus on being here, but after talking to you all, it seemed to push me back to day one... I was sad after talking to you all, but the next day, it was fine again. :)
DRIVE safely to California and tell my lovely family hello! Ugh. JEALOUS. It is -13 plus wind chill today... brrr. It hurts to breathe!
I don't feel like I have much to say only because I talked to you on Wednesday, but we've had some good and bad things happen...
-our baptism on January 18th is canceled.
BUT another person we are teaching is doing awesome! She said she was up at 2 am and read 70 pages of the Book of Mormon!  SHEESH. She rocks, and is continually CHANGING. Strengthens my testimony every time.
-C, our little friend has a date set for January 25 (Happy birthday to Claire!!--this baptism is for YOU;)) and she is progressing amazingly.
So, the work is moving forward here in Eau Claire. :)
On Saturday, Sister Anderson and I had some wonderful 4 hour tracting time in 45 DEGREE WEATHER! What the... people were breaking out the shorts and flip flops.
We were headed to knock on a door, when we noticed the garage door was open, and so we walked on over, and an older man told us we could come in. He was observing somebody else who was fixing his old truck. The man fixing the truck, came out from under it and introduced himself. We introduced ourselves, and they both have heard of our church. We asked them how, and the younger fellow who was working on the car said, "I study religion, I'm a Lutheran Pastor going on 20 years." 
Well, we asked him what made him want to be a pastor, what the differences are in all the billion Lutheran churches here, and then we got talking on the Mormons.
He'd testify like crazy how he believes Jesus is the Savior and not a prophet over and over and over... I finally had to cut him off and say,
"Yes, He is. We believe that as well."
"Oh, you don't think He was a prophet?"
and then the subject of the Godhead/Trinity came up. He would tell us to really consider reading John how..."In the beginning the word was God..." ? I'm slaughtering that, but I'm sure you know the verse. I was so curious to see what he thought about Matthew when it talks about Christ being baptized (it clearly distinguishes the separation of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.) So I asked him, and he went on talking about how he studied Greek--annnnnd, that's when I zoned out....
He also told us to study Greek, and told us he has been studying Greek for 6 years. Basically, what I got out of this dude was that he was super proud of himself for all the schooling and studying he has had throughout the years. He'd also quote verses in the Bible and have to give us the reference.
 I told him that I know that they are because of the experience Joseph Smith had in the 1820's... I showed him a little picture in the pamphlet, and testified annnnnd... that was all I could do I suppose. He seemed to look a little uncomfortable and cut the conversation really short after that...
Before I came out here, that was my BIGGEST fear--talking to pastors or priests or whatever, but I know that if all we do is testify of what WE know is true, the Spirit will back us up, and the fear will flee.
Joseph Smith's name will be heard for good and evil, BUT everyone will have the chance to hear about him... :)
I feel like I'm rambling on and nothing is making sense, but what I really got out of this week is how absolutely TRUE this gospel is. AHHH. I adore it. Aren't we so so so so so so soooooo blessed to have it? I can't imagine life without it.
Thanks for all being wonderful. Have fun in Cali. Soak up wealth and sun.
xoxo-Sister B

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