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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dearest Fam:
I love you.
We have had a lot of service to do for both members and investigators this week, so it has been a week of reflecting on my blessings. Growing up I remember mom and dad saying: "Kids, aren't we so blessed?" "Do you know how blessed we are?" "Heavenly Father has BLESSED us!" And we'd all agree to it, but we didn't understand.
I get it now! We are so so so BLESSED to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we are so blessed to have the fulness of the Gospel. We are so blessed to have the Book of Mormon for our day and to read and study it daily. We are so blessed to have a living prophet. We are so blessed to have have a temple 5 minutes away (for you.... 90 minutes for me). We are so blessed for wonderful family members who strengthen us. Heavenly Father has just poured out blessings because we are doing what He has commanded. That's ALL it takes! That's it! No more or less complicated than that.
I'm grateful I've learned this from a young age. I'm grateful I'm able to be here in Eau Claire to see what life is like without the gospel. To meet parents who are atheist and kids who do drugs and who make poor choices. It is so sad. But it is so wonderful to share with them the beautiful message of the gospel that will change their lives here and forever. That's been the best part. I love sharing what I have fortunately had my whole life with people who have never had it.
We are working with B. B is Hmong. She has a heart of gold. Like Claire. She is a single mom with a 12 yr old daughter. She KNOWS this is the true church. She has born testimony of it. She had a date set.
Then... like opposition will always do, her family got mad, her job isn't going so well, her ex-husband is bothering her again, and everything is falling apart for her. She doesn't want to be baptized 'right now.' We've prayed for her everyday. We had an incredible lesson with her yesterday! (Fasted for a miracle and it happened:)) we let her vent off her worries and struggles and annoyances and distresses. Then we talked about 1 Ne 3:7 how the Lord will always provide a way if we are keeping His commandments. She was still antsy and worried no matter what we said. We then had the impression to put our member on the spot.
"B, we brought Sarah here with us today to share with you a testimony that will help you with everything you are going through. After Sarah shares her testimony, we will have a moment of silence to have the Holy Ghost teach us what we need to be taught."
Sarah bore one of the most beautiful testimonies. It was heartfelt and absolutely PERFECT for B. She got teary-eyed and we could tell she felt something.
There was a long moment of silence, and we asked what the Spirit taught her. She bore her testimony to us of how she knows that everything she said was true, and just what she needed. She knows she needs to come to church. She knows she needs to keep the commandments. She knows she needs to read the Book of Mormon, and she knows she needs to get baptized.
We are still working with B. I've been working with her since I got here, in October. Heavenly Father has special plans for her. :)
Fasting is REAL. I'm blessed to understand the power that comes with it.
I hope you have a happy summer! I love you.
<3 Sister Beeson

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