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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What a day!  It was definitely a good one.  Something super great happened to me.  I read my patriarchal blessing for the first time today since being here and something that stuck out to me was that I am going to be a leader for my sisters and the youth.  I kind of just laughed in my head thinking "pffft. Eliza being a leader?"  

Well, a couple of hours later we did a mini group activity where we'd split into groups of 3 and there would be one facilitator to choose a chapter in the BOM for the group to read and the facilitator had to "lead the discussion, ask inspired questions, and help the group recieve personal revelation." I was the facilitator! 

Of course I was really nervous to do this because I am NOT a leader.  I was wondering why Br. Crockett asked me to be the facilitator!  Anyway, I did it.  We read Mosiah  chapter 2.  I felt impressed to have our group read that chapter for some reason.  Ironically, Mosiah 2 is basically about King Benjamin and the qualities of a good leader.  King Benjamin wasn't any ordinary king. He SERVED continually. The best leaders are the ones who look out for others and sacrifice their time and serve always. 
 Most leaders come off bossy and want power.  We can not only learn about King Benjamin, but look up to his EXAMPLE.  So after reading in my patriarchal blessing about my future leadership, getting called to be the facilitator and reading about the qualities of a good leader, Br. Crockett came up to me and said, "Sister Beeson, I want you to know that the Lord told me to choose you to be the facilitator.  I don't know why but you are a natural born leader!"  FAMILY!  That made my day....my life! 

 It was soooo comforting to know that someone believes in me as a LEADER!  By this point I was already crying because 1) I was being hard on myself for not believing in myself to be a leader..no confidence.
2) Because of what Bro. Crockett said! 

Anyway, we head back to the classroom, and I'm just being a girl overcome by all sorts of emotions and then Sister Balif declared a "compliment circle".  It's when you sit in a circle and compliment someone...pretty self explanatory.  Haha.  AHH. My district is SO great.  I have grown to love each one of them so much.    ANYWAY...the moral of the story is: I AM SO BLESSED to have an amazing district I feel genuine love for EACH one of them.

SO, the words about my leadership in my blessings will happen on this mission, guaranteed.  I know I'm going to have to get out of my comfort zone and GROW. I truly am going to be a new gal when I get home, I already am!

Sorry if this letter seems super braggy, that's not my intention! I just want to let you all know that I am growing and learning so much and recognizing God's love for me more and more each day. I am SO blessed.  Know that I am so happy I am here.  I am continuing to pray for the people in Minnesota that their hearts will be ready and softened and prepared to receive the message I will be sharing with them.  I pray for all of you daily and multiple times.  I love you!!!
Sister Eliza

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