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Friday, May 17, 2013


May 15, 2013

My Lovely Family,
Wow. What a day.  I feel like I've already been here for a week!! The reason why I'm writing a hand written letter is because my p-day is on Thursday, excluding tomorrow:(
I room with Shelby!! Yay!  My companion is Sister Shwartz.  She is the cutest.  She's 22 and looks like the girl from "Remember Me" (Minnie Driver) 
Anyway, everyone has just been SO nice!  It's the best. I've seen multiple people I know! Ben Peterson, Brook Hammon, Lydia Lind, Jacob Yamada, Carter Payne, Jen Squires, Alexa Walker...it's so fun to see people I recognize!  
We had some "investigators" come into our big classroom and we'd have a group discussion...some were great...others didn't go so well!  But that's alright!  That's what we're here for: practice.
Well, love you all so much.  I'll write ya lots if you do too!
Sister Beeson
PS. Got your cute note in my suitcase Mama!  It made my DAY!

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