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Monday, June 10, 2013

From the Land O Lakes!!

I just sent a huge hand written letter to y'all. Enjoy. 

To answer your questions....

Are you teaching tons?

Answer: We teach a decent amount! My first day was still my best out of all these days, but it's all good.

How many wards are you over?

Answer: I'm only over one ward... I think... haha Shingle Creek :) I'm getting to know everyone in the ward a little bit better and I've tried to pick out a family that could be my 'family' here... I have a couple in mind...So I love eating at members houses, it makes me feel soooo much less homesick surprisingly :)Oh, and ps, The Beeson family is one of a KIND. It took me until NOW to realize it.  I love our family. Honestly! I cannot believe how blessed I am and what I did to deserve to have Sam and Sarah be my parents with Buzz, Claire, Jack and Andy as my sibs. Oh, and Happy:)  You are a huge example, mom.  I've had the opportunity to clean tons of houses this week, and I've just remembered what you've taught me! I'm a better cleaner than I--or you may have thought :))

How far away are you from your mission home?
Answer:  About 30 min away

Are you on bikes EVERY day?! If so, do you like it?  Do you feel buff?:)

Answer:  I talked about this in my mega letter... Mom, I'm not on a bike. Haha every single one of your letters has asked that, and I finally worked up the courage to tell you that I'm not on a bike. :) CAR, BABY WHOO!!! But, we are sooo low on miles already this week because of exchanges (I elaborated in the letter) so we'll probs have to ride our bikes like next week. 

Have you gotten my mail yet?
Yes, got all your letters!!! It was like Christmas!! I got so many:):):)

Well, this week has been great-ish.

I'll start off talking about the Johnson Family. I believe I told them about you last email, but in all honesty I can't remember... My mind is so jumbled! Johnson's are a young African Family--cutest. We've been teaching them a ton and the only thing holding them back from getting baptized is because they've 'already BEEN baptized' so we would explain authority lesson after lesson, and eventually we just had them fast about it. Well, last week, we visited them and were just PRAYING they received the confirmation to be baptized. President Clements even came with us to this lesson (Intimidating!!!) I'll just skip to the fun stuff: We asked how their family fast went... They looked at each other and they said that Sunday night, they were sitting at opposite ends of the room, looked at each other and Sister J said ''We need to do this'' and Brother J said ''I was just going to say the same thing''... sounds super dramatic, haha but I love how the Spirit works! They both got that confirmation at the SAME TIME! It was soooo exciting!!! So we set up a baptism date and they're gonna get baptized at the end of this month! 

Well, fast forward to yesterday. We invited the Johnson's to church (They have poor church attendance and wouldn't be able to get baptized on the date we scheduled if they didn't come to church) Well, we were so confident that they were gonna be there because Sister J didn't have work and we followed up with them the night before and said they'd be there. THEY WEREN'T. UGH!!!!!  That instantly put Sister Mansfield and I in a funk. We showed up at their house after church and Brother J answered the door, we told them how disappointed we were!! He apologized and said they 'slept in and the girls braids weren't done'
 Anyway, there was a baptism that night and we were asking if they were still up for coming. Brother J couldn't because he had a meeting, but he said to call Sister J. 
The baptism that we were invited to is the COOLEST story. Basically there is this guy from Kenya who is a pastor of a church and runs a little orphanage. Well, he traveled to America to find ideas to run a better orphanage (so I heard, idk if that's true) well, he was in America for about a month until he ran into some missionaries, the missionaries did their thang, and he ended up getting baptized! The pastor in Kenya traveled back home and told his congregation that while he was in America, he found the truth and was baptized. He started teaching HIS congregation the TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ! How amazing, right? Well, this pastor had a friend named Peter. He told Peter what had happened to him and Peter decided to go to America to find the missionaries! Within 2 weeks, Peter found missionaries who happened to be my zone leaders, they taught him, and THAT was the baptism we invited the Johnson's to!! 
Sister Mansfield and I really wanted to go, but we could only go if we had an investigator come with us, we called Sister Johnson a billion times. No answer. The baptism was about 20 min away, and it started at 7. At about 6:50 Sister Johnson called and was like, "Hayyyy! Got yo' message, and I wanna come to da bapteezim!" YESSS. We rushed to the baptism, and literally got there when the speaker said 'amen'. Perfect timing! We were able to see Peter get baptized! It was such an incredible experience. Sister J really seemed to enjoy it too, and we told her that we have to push her date a week back because she wasn't at church, but it's ok. It's a good thing because she doesn't seem to be TOTALLY for it; yet. The baptism definitely helped her see the importance and feel the Spirit. So it's been pretty good, still cloudy EVERYDAY. What the heck. So not Minnesota. 
Also, my Bishop called and asked for me to speak on Sunday. No biggie right? Well of course Sister Beeson gets assigned the topic 'The Abrahamic Covenant' So, if you all wanna try to write me a letter asap on any suggestions, that'd be highly appreciative. Something that I learned this week that has really been stuck in my mind was a scripture found in.... Mosiah..10..verse.. 17? Ah dang, I cant remember. But basically it says if you have faith there will be miracles. I have been soooo discouraged this past week (normal, I know) but enough to make me believe that because every door I knocked on doesn't want to hear the message, that NONE of the doors will want to. But after I read that scripture, it really helped me realize there are still people EVERYWHERE who need to hear the truth! That night, I got a letter from Sister Clements and it said basically everything I just said, FAITH will bring MIRACLES. The Lord is amazing! He knows exactly what I need to hear. 
Also, side note: She said ''You should sing in your lessons." Maybe I'll take her up on that challenge! I've been singing way more anyway lately. Sister Kirkham even asked me to do a singing musical number... eek... I'll give ya the det's on that later.Anyway, hard week. But I'm learning. It's all good. I feel your prayers. I love you all! I'm a missionary!! Who'da thunk?! Crazy :) I love this Gospel. I love YOU ALL!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Sister Eliza

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