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Monday, June 3, 2013


MAMA MAMA MAMA! Oh my heck. I'm here in Minn Minn. 
Things are WAY different than I expected. We got to the airport, and I felt the most overwhelming love for every single person. It was the weirdest thing. I truly could feel the love that God has for every person. It was so so great. And EVERYONE looked at us differently, our tag and then our face. It was so interesting. 
I met my Mission Pres & his cutie wife. The first thing they said to me was that they saw 'a cup video' from Utah! 
 Haha they got a kick out of it. They are so so so nice. Sister Clements looks and reminds me a lot of Aunt Anne, it's pretty comforting. :) 

Well, we got in a van and headed to Bloomington. We walked into they chapel, and there was this cute old man that was like "Hullo thurr.. Welcome to Minnesooooda" love the accents. We walk into the gym and there was a huuuge table full of homemade casseroles... (hot dishes:)) and everything was GOLDEN compared to MTC food. Haha they decorated everything just super cute and made us feel totally at home. I literally was trying to hold back tears all day, I loved everyone!!!
Anyway, we had some food, had some interviews, got our bikes, took some pics, and then we met our trainers! I honestly had like the BIGGEST freak out moment. I couldn't imagine leaving Sister Schwartz or Sister Ballif. They are my girls! I was scared because we were going to be completely separated! Going to different places! With different people! I definitely had to rely on the Lord completely. I knew NO ONE. We all started kind of crying, and then they introduced us to our trainers. My trainer is Sister Mansfield. She's cute! Kind of reminds me of Michelle Fluckinger. Anyway, we kinda got to know each other, said our goodbyes to MTC peeps, and headed off! 
I live in ShingleCreek Minnesota... It's... hmm... pretty ghetto. But on the bright side, there are sooo many streets that look like AF :)
We live with two hermana's... they're cool :) But honestly, I know that this is something you don't want to hear, but I have been SOOOO homesick. My trainer is great but our personalities are completely different, and I don't know, it's definitely an adjustment. 
 My prayers & YOUR prayers are helping.
Oh, I forgot to tell you, our mission president challenged us to commit someone to baptism within 24 hours of being in Minnesota. WHAT. No way. NO NO NO. I couldn't!!! Well, something weird happened, at about hour 18, I committed FIVE people to baptism. 4 out of the 5 accepted, and the other would have to think about it. CRAZY! First day, 5 people! Not trying to brag, but... AH! That's a big deal for me, ya know? So, that definitely made me feel better.
So, I've taught ONE white person so far. Everyone else is African. The kiddies kill me, they are ADORABLE. One of the families we are really working with is the Johnson fam. They are soooo great. Gorgeous clan. They have been taught all they needed to, they believe everything we have taught them, they have come to church, but the ONLY thing that is keeping them from getting baptized is because they have already been baptized. So they don't understand why they'd need to do that again if they already have the Holy Ghost. I tried to help them understand the difference in authority & priesthood, and they're still struggling. It's hard. But I soooo know they'll be baptized sooner or later! I can just tell :)
Anyway, we're teaching so many different kinds of people, they are SO SO hard to understand, but I'm slowing adjusting to it. It's good. After my awesome, successful day 1, things have kind of gone down hill :( TONS of appointments are falling through, no one will answer the door or phone calls, and it's just been cloudy/rainy and discouraging. I'm totes in Scotland, dad.
Hmm... there's like so much on my mind. Um, well Elder Holland is coming to speak to us on the 15th! Wahoo! That'll be the be the best. Also, we can maybe go to the MoTab performance if we find an investigator to come with us! So fingers crossed! :)
Wellllll... I've definitely been looking forward to today the most to hear from you all! I miss you all like crazyyy. But this is so good for me. Haha I've never done something like this before. I'm tired all the time. And wanna cry all the time--for who knows why. And I just feel like I'm in a dream. But this is my new home, so gotta make the most of it! :)
PS Mom... you said you sent letters &/or packages? I haven't got anything since I've been here, just a heads up. Maybe it'll come later in the week, but I'm just letting you know. Thanks for all the support everyone! You're all in my prayers more than ever!!
Love you ALL!!!!!!! <3 xoxoxoxoxox
<3Sister Beeson

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  1. Loved the e-mail. Could totally relate. The first day was rough for me too. Well, she will grow in this and never regret the decision she made. I loved reading it to Patrick. He enjoyed hearing about her experience so far. So keep them coming.