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Monday, August 26, 2013

A New companion...Sister DuBrueler!!

Hey there my lovely fam!
First off, I LOVED the school pics. You are so so so so soooo stinkin good lookin. Honestly. Beesons are HAWT.  I have a new companion and she is SO cute. Her name is Sister DuBrueler. She is from Queen Creek Arizona, when Sister DuBrueler testifies, you feel the Spirit SO so so strong. It truly is unbelievable. I love when she testifies.
So, it was really really really difficult to leave Sister Szabo. I didn't realize how close we were, and how much she feels like family, until she left :( but she's such a cutie and left me a sweet note and gift for me. LOVE HER. I know she's doing so good in Andover.
Ok, so as for missionary work:
Janelle, Dustin, and the boys are so awesome.
We had a movie night the night before transfers, where some ward members and a group of investigators watch a short 20 min church film, have a recent convert bear testimony, and then have treats after. Well, we did that, and THAT was the night where Sister Szabo and I totally clicked with Janelle. (Of course the night before she got transferred.) We stayed an hour AFTER the movie night just chatting. She is really really great.
So about a day or two later, when Sister DuBrueler became my comp, we had a lesson at their house, and we just read 3 Nephi 11 together, and I can honestly say that was the best scripture study I've ever attended. The boys were even just so so good and asked questions and it was just a very spiritual experience. It reminded me of the POWER of the Book of Mormon. I really loved that. Didn't want to be ANYWHERE else at that moment.
I've just really enjoyed this week, so I thank you for the prayers, because I was a STRESS CASE last Monday freaking out about not knowing the area well enough, or not knowing what we were gonna do, or not planning very well, etc. But things have been JUST fine. In fact, I'm pretty sure Sister DuBrueler is training ME. She is amazing. I have already learned soooo much from her.
Also, we had a half/half baptism! We taught Peace Ngafua with the Mathis's! So that was great, I'll send a pic.
So, we're completely out of food and money for the rest of the month :/ sooo... we didn't know what to do for lunch or dinner yesterday, and luckily our DL brought us some crap from home (boxed potatoes and craisins and popcorn) but after church, we were just BEAT. We were so tired, and it was SOOO hot. 100 degrees plus humidity. No bueno. So, we decided to go drop by one of our investigators, and we knocked on the door, she let us inside, and there was a table. of food. for us. AHHH. Heavenly Father loves Sister DuBrueler and I so much! Sometimes we think we're His favorite. :) what a TENDER mercy.
 I only have about 14ish months left :) can you believe it's almost september? crazy.
I love you all. I'm so happy to be here.
I'm really doing my best to be exactly obedient and I know that that is when the miracles will come.
Thanks for all you do everybody! mwah
xoxo Sister Beeson

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