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Monday, September 2, 2013


Mi Familia!!! Happy Labor Day! 
Oh my heck. This week. There are no words.
First off, I am soooo happy Buzz is ok. That really scared me. It's so weird, I am convinced I know when something is 'off' at home, because I feel anxious/uneasy the whole day, and I definitely felt that at one point during this week. 
I am so sorry to hear about Jodee. I'll keep their fam in my prayers too. 

Ok, well, as I'm sure you are aware, I went to the Youngquists for dinner on Tuesday, and Sis Y. asked "So what are your names?" "Sister Beeson" "Sister Beeson?! Are you related to Gaylene Beeson?!" "Yes! That's my grandma!" "That's my cousin!" WHAT THE. I'm related to someone in my own ward. Who knew. It made me feel so so so comforted, it was nice to feel at home and close to family (even though its not the closest relation). She and her husband are just the SWEETEST. We talked about Ron and Great Grandpa Alf, and she even showed me some pics of her from forever ago, it was lovely. She also made a very Grandma-Gaye-esque salad. With carrots and celery...and even had a lot of the same mannerisms as her. I loved everything about that dinner. TENDER MERCY.

We had district meeting on Wednesday, and Sister DuBrueler and I sang and sang and sangggg hymns together. I'm actually getting pretty dece at harmonizing.. FINALLY. Everyone LOVED it. The Elders were like.. "Keep singing" And I'm not saying this for bragging rights...mmm....actually...yes. I am. But also to make you happy, MOM. And I know you want to hear me say it, so... here it goes: YOU WERE RIGHT. (also thank you for that piano music:))

And then, about somewhere in the middle of the week, we were having personal study, and Sister D just leaves the room, and I just kept hearing sniffles in the other room. So, I finally went to see if she was ok, and she was a WRECK. She was balling. She was saying she didn't want to do this anymore, she's always soooo exhausted, everyday feels like the same day, she knows she doesn't HAVE to be here, thats why it is hard to stay, etc. That made me sad. :( But, I've honestly BEEN there. I still am sometimes, and so we talked, I told her what I love about her, what she is good at, the example she is to her family, how much I am learning from her and how much this ward and the investigators love her. That seemed to help a lot. But, I somehow ended up crying too. It's just funny. I'm 19. She's 20. I've been here for 4 months. She's been here for 3. We have NO clue how to do this, but yet we know we can. It was just one of those moments where we needed the reassuring 'you can do this' chat from our parents, BUUUUT, since that's impossible, we went to our second option: our faux-parents. We called up Sister Clements, and we talked to her for 50 minutes. She is SUCH a sweetheart, we addressed all our worries and concerns and she replaced those with love and confidence in us. It helped SO much. And the funny thing is, is that Sister Clements said everything you, mom, would have said! Sister DuBrueler said the same. So, we went on to have studies, and about 5 minutes later, President Clements calls. AH. He told us that his wife told him we were struggling (just like what would happen at home) haha and then he talked to us about what we need to do, gave us great advice and told us he loved us--just like dad! It was just a tender mercy from Heavenly Father that even though I can't talk to my own parents when I'm struggling, I can talk to God--obviously, but also turn to our loving Mission President and sweet wife.I am so grateful that they took the time out of their BUSY schedule to talk to us! My relationship with the two of them jumped to a hoool-nuvuh-levuh. 

Amazing things have also been happening with Janelle, Dustin and the boys. We taught them the Law of Chastity yesterday (which makes that two for the week) ahhh. Sister D and I had to roleplay that lesson like crazy because...we're 12. So immature. Sheesh. But they committed to keep it! So, we'll be working out Janelle's divorce issues this week, plan a wedding, then dunk 'em!!!! Brother Camp (legend in the ward) invited them over for a brunch, Janelle and her boys were able to make it, not Dustin, but it was SOOO good. Brother Camp brought such a sweet spirit, and Janelle lost it, and expressed her love for us teaching her, and for her Heavenly Father. It was amazing. 
I've just felt the Spirit SO strong this week with all these tender mercies and things that have happened. I love this GOSPEL. It's so true. It is. It's black and white. 
I hope you all have a lovely week, and I'll see you in 432 days :)
xoxo Sister Eliza B
ps. Thank you all for writing me this week! Sheesh! Let's make that a weekly thing, yeah? It really made my day. Buzz: I can assure you, that you will have no dating success unless you write me begging for my advice. ;)
Also, Julia Larsen from Dear Lizzie gave me a package with CUTE letters from her little primary class and my fav COOKIES from DL! So nice. Everyone is the best. Thank you all!

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