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Monday, October 21, 2013


AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! J AND D ARE GETTING MARRIED?!?!?! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME!!!! I feel like I'm out of the bubble down here in Eau Claire! Oh my heck. I started screaming I'm so happy!!!! :):):):)
Ok, wait, who did Buzz go to Sadie Hawkins with? I WANNA KNOW EVERYTHING.

Soooo... I won't take too much time. BUT. It was a good week.
*I am addicted to milk. Yes, me. Eliza. WHAAAAT? I drink glasses and glasses of it all the time. It must taste different or something down here. And the butter. And cheese. Great. See ya when I'm 500 llbs. 
*I was pretty sick this week. I had a fever, I was dizzy and nauseous... The Elders gave me a blessing, and my ward mission leaders wife took care of me :) Sister Napolitano. She's the best. She took my temp, bought me some sprite and applesauce and called multiple times a day to check up. We weren't able to leave the house from Friday night until this morning :/ ugh. Not fun. 
*I'm getting a cold sore. Yippee! 
*I'm gonna go buy my hefty coat in about an hour, soooo... I justed wanted you to know that... I hope I have enough in my account, because I have to get it regardless. There are already flurries in the air! :/

This week we met with a sister, a convert . She invited us over for some apple pie. She shared her story. It KILLED me. Absolutely killed me. 
I won't go into too much detail just for the sake of you not to ball your eyes out, but when she was 3, her parents sold her for prostitution, and according to her, she remembers, as a 3 year old, praying to God to have her parents stop doing what they were doing. What struck me was how did she even know who God was? She was only 3, and her parents obviously didn't teach her anything about her Father in Heaven. From day one, she just seemed to have been so in tune with the other side. 
Anyway, she went into detail how absolutely horrible she was treated until she got married when she was 27--to an abusive husband. Her life has been horrible from the get-go. 
She is now living in a nursing home, she's only in her 50's but, she is so beat up and has so many health problems that she isn't able to properly care for herself. But she said with the most sincerity, "Life is the best it has EVER been." 
I cried and cried and cried when she shared this with us. It really put into perspective for me how BLESSED I have been. I know that you, mom and dad, would say that to us kiddies constantly growing up: "Do you know how blessed we are?" our replies, "Uh-huh." Well, I really really understand, more than ever now, how BLESSED I am to have grown up in the loving arms of Sam and Sarah Beeson. I really cannot thank my Heavenly Father enough. I can't thank you and dad enough. 

I am speaking this Sunday on a favorite General Conference talk. I'll email/mail it to you next week. Until then, have a lovely week. I think of you all very often and pray and pray and pray for you. Loves. 
Sister Beeson
Yeah, I never want to be sick again without my mom. That was tough. But, Sister Napolitano is Grandma Gaye to the T!!! So that was nice.
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