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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mom! I can't even believe I am about a 1/3 way done either! It's freaking me out, actually. This transfer is over half way done and I feel like I just BARELY left Med Lake. WHERE IS TIME GOING?
I'm glad you had a fun Halloween party. Know what I'm gonna be doing on Halloween? TRACTING. Mhmm. That's right. :D candy galore. I haven't gotten your package yet :( can't wait for it!!!! I'm also feeling a lot better, thanks.
Congrats on the Timp Show! 
 That is HILARIOUS about dad. I read that to my comp and we laughed ahaha

Soooo... A couple things:
-This cutie 62 yr old lady in my ward, Sister D is leaving on a mission in a month, and her step daughter, E is also leaving for her mission in a couple weeks (E is 19 too and going to Germany, she comes JT with us all the time, we're like BFF's.) Well, Sister D bought E some fleece tights, and they're very good quality, and so she just barely texted me offering to buy me a pair or two! 
How nice! People are so thoughtful down here. 
-I bought my heavy-duty $180 coat. :/ ahhh pricey!!!! It's sooo worth it though.
-I spoke in church yesterday, and it went well! I'll mail you my talk later today :)

This week has been great! We are trying to get 2 of our investigators baptized before Sister Fisher leaves! Please keep M in your prayers that she will get her marriage license soon, and He for her to keep her commitments! 
The power of prayer is incredible, that is what I have really learned this week. Every lesson taught, every person we visited, most topics in church were ALL about prayer. I love the quote on prayer by Gordon B. Hinckley and Howard W. Hunter in Preach my Gospel (pg 95). Put Claire in charge of FHE and have her plan around those two quotes. There is also a prayer evaluation that I take often. It's awesome! Let me know what you think. :)

I am healthy. I am happy. I am helping my companion to not freak out about leaving in 2 weeks. :( I'm so sad! She's been so great. We get along really well. Anyway, I hope you're all doing great. Miss you all!!! Love love love you! 

ps. my comp is wondering how you started your 'voice overs' and being on the radio. She has a GREAT voice and I told her she'd be good at it, and so she wants to know. Because she is freaking out about what to do with her life in 2 weeks. haha. 

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