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Monday, November 4, 2013

Wet in Wisconsin!

I'm sure it's been a crazy busy week with Regionals and all. How was it? Thanks for the pics! Looks like it was a blast. Everyone looks SO good. You are all so beautiful. 

It has been quite the week for me as well!
We have a 12 year old investigator named 'H'... she is soooo funny. Her life is rough. Really rough already.
Her mom is a champ. She was baptized a couple years ago, but has kind of fallen off the deep end. She has 5 kiddies, 3 of them from different dads... The two teenagers are sooo rebellious and absolutely RUDE to her. It breaks my heart. 'H' is getting to that rebellious stage, but we've been teaching her and she is making SO many changes. It's amazing. There are also 18 month old boy twins. Her house just smells like smoke, it's a disaster, and she has a house inspection coming up tomorrow. Us and the Elders have been working our butts off to make things tidy...or as tidy as they can be. :/ BUT... point is: 'H' has been taught for a while, and she is getting baptized this Saturday! The Saturday before Sister Fisher leaves. :( But we are so so so excited for her. She is being an amazing example to her family at such a young age... She has grown up drinking coffee and breaking the sabbath, and other commandments, but she is making these changes and helping her mom make them too. It's awesome.

Earlier in the week, we had a 48 hr exchange in Cottage Grove, MN and Zone Training the next day, which meant we'd be out of our area for 3ish days! AHHH. Terrifying. Cottage Grove was... good. I worked with Sister Breedlove for the day. She's a doll. We are practically twins. I have never worked with someone who is my exact height, who isn't physically fit in the slightest, and who has my same eye color. Haha... Well, we biked. All day. In the rain. It was about 30ish degrees. I will neverrrr forget that. Haha... We walked up the 'Stairs of Death' with our bikes, then once we started riding, Sister B's chain fell off, we had to fix that... We biked to multiple people's houses, no one was home and people were telling us to get out of the rain and into a car... we biked up sooo many HUGE hills, and then she had a phone call to make to the ZL's so we looked for some shelter outside. We found a park, dug up a little hole under the playground, and sat in it with our hoods on while it was still drizzly and freeeezing. It was great. :) And as luck would have it, 2 out of our 3 appointments canceled, so we tracted most of the day. We tracted a ton the night before Halloween, it was SOOOO foggy. Pretty spooky. It was cool, because we knocked on a door and a lady with an accent opened it. SHE WAS FROM SCOTLAND! Tender mercy or what? I was blessed to have got a brief taste of what Elder Beeson's mission was like. She just talked and talked and talked and TALKED. I told her that my dad served there, and that he said it always rains. She did some sort of interjection that I can't type out, (the noise you make when you recite Jabez) basically, 'pfft' and said to tell my dad that he is WRONG. Haha... weird. Anyway, a thought came into my mind as she was talking. Dad emailed me a few weeks ago talking about the things President McConkie would tell his missionaries, and one of them was "Make Hell's bells ring: read the Book of Mormon." I remember dad told me that the average for any missionary was two baptisms in the entire two years. President McConkie told the missionaries that they were not to carry their Bibles. So. I interrupted her rambling, got a Book of Mormon out of my bag, and said, "Kathrine. We knocked on your door this evening to share this special book with you." I went on by giving her background of what the book was, and testified that that is the reason I am here and that I know it is true. Well, she interrupted (again) haha and I guess she supposedly had met with the missionaries a long time ago and actually knew quite a bit. That was interesting. But it was just such a cool experience to be in 'Scotland' for 40 minutes. :)

Halloween was fun. We weren't allowed to tract, but we had sooo much tupperware to return, so we did that, and got a lot of candy out of it ;) One last thing, then I'll stop: Sister Fisher and I went tracting this week and met a Hmong family. A beautiful gal named 'G' and she speaks pretty decent English, but her husband and 3 children don't. She has hardly ANY Christian background. It was really hard to put things that are so natural to me into simple terms, like: baptism, prophets, commandments, and even Jesus! But, we got a return appt with her, and we knocked on her door, and she was totally expecting us, pulled out two chairs immediately, and we had a wonderful discussion. We're seeing her again tonight with the Elders (one of them speaks Hmong so he'll help translate.) Anyway, it's just something so different for me. I'm excited to simplify. It'll help me personally more than anything.

WELLLL. I love you all. Sister Fisher leaves in a week-ish. Then I take over Eau Claire. AHHHHH freaking out a bit. Everyone absolutely LOVES her. It's gonna be quite the loss for Eau Claire. Anyway. Take care everybody. I'll talk to ya in a month :) whoo! xoxo
Love, Sister Beeson
P.S. I never got your Halloween package. My heart is broken </3 Did you Fed-ex it? That could be the problem...
P.S.S. My hands look like Claire's: SOOOO DRY and cracky. I'd love some Doterra for Christmas. (Wow, did I seriously just wish that?)
P.S.S.S. I don't sleep. Sister Fisher and I came to the conclusion that I have insomnia. I had an interview with President the other day and he asked me if I have 'a sense of urgency for the work' I told him I want to, I hope to think I do.


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  1. I will be sending her some fancy hand cream. I miss that lady!!