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Monday, November 11, 2013


Our investigator H was BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!! It was a beautiful service. Her mom is re-activating, and one of her siblings is not a member, and the other is, but really doesn't want anything to do with the church, and then of course, the two cute 18 mo. old twin boys :) Well, her whole family came to support her on the day of her baptism!!! It was wonderful. The spirit was so strong. It was neat because, like all of the YW came to support her, a ton of the leaders and other ward members as well. Hailie's mom gave the opening prayer, and I have never wanted to hear a prayer on repeat except hers! It was absolutely amazing. We had 2 of our investigators there (a mother and daughter), and afterwards, they both just break down crying, and the daughter said, "I'm ready. I want to be baptized." It was AMAZING. I'll send you some pics. :)
I wanted to share with you a miracle that happened yesterday. Sister Fisher and I had not taught any Restoration Lessons throughout the week plus we had to set things up for the baptism, etc. it was just crazy! So, we planned a two hour block for us to tract last night. Boo. It was so cold, so we went to one of the few apartment buildings in Eau Claire. We knocked on a couple people's doors, and amazingly, they were willing to listen to the message of the Restoration, so our night was off to a lovely start. We headed over to another apartment building, and knocked all the doors except one, and we started heading out the door to another building. This is where it gets good! Family: I can honestly tell you that I have never had the Spirit direct me so clearly like it did last night. As we were heading out the door, the Spirit whispered, "Knock on the door." We did. There was barking and a lady opened the door. We introduced ourselves, as she did to us. Her name was Wilma. We started talking to Wilma, and she suddenly interuppted us by saying, "Um... I'm not very comfortable talking to people I don't know" So, Sister Fisher got out a pamplet and handed it to her for her to keep, and while Wilma and Sister Fisher were talking, the Spirit whispered something else. It said, "Look at her dog." Look at her dog? Ok... well, her door was cracked open just a little so how was I supposed to see the dog? As my comp was talking to Wilma, I felt like an idiot, but I crouched down as smoothly as I could, trying to not look like a creep, and through the little space between her legs, I saw her dog, Star, who looked JUST. LIKE. HAPPY. Only difference: 10 llbs heavier. I interuppted the conversation between the two and said, "Oh! I love your dog! I have a dauchund (sp?) at home too!" Instantly, Wilma and I went from complete strangers to BFF's. She opened the door widely and smiled and told me I could pet her. As I kept petting her, again, the Spirit said "Keep talking about her dog" so, I did. And soon enough Wilma said in a Nonna voice, "Oh, come on in." We walked into her tidy apartment, and there was a gal sitting on the couch with her father. We all started talking a bit, and then out of no where, Wilma said, "Hey, my niece got baptized yesterday, you might know her... her name is H." H?! "We're the missionaries that have been teaching H!" What a small world. As we kept talking, I kept looking at Wilma's daughter and was wondering where I have seen her before, she looked so familiar. I finally made the connection that earlier in the week, we were at H's home helping clean clean clean before their home inspection, and right as we were headed out the door, and 3 person family walked into H's home with KFC. It was H's family! Funny, huh? Well, we start talking about religion, and Wilma was like, "I've been forced into religion my whole life, and I vowed that I'd NEVER do that to my children." So, we turned to her daughter, Tiffany, and asked what her stance is on religion, what she believes, etc. She told us that she is open to anything. "Can we share a quick message with you?" "Of course, come see my room." We sat in Chelsie's room. Taught her the Restoration. Invited her to be baptized, and she accepted. WHAAAAAT?! Huge miracle. Heavenly Father is the best.
Well, I'm gonna have to leave soon, transfers are this Wednesday, I've got sooo much to do today. I'll be serving with Sister Anderson. Don't know who she is! Hmm... I'm excited though. Also, Sister Schwartz took over Med Lake!!! Where J and D

Eliza and Elder Tubbs from American Fork, representing us well!

live!!! AHHHH cool huh? I'm so happy. :) Anyway, I love love love you all and hope the week is spectacular. xoxox
Sister Beeson
ps. Anything for Christmas is fine ;) I just can't wait to SKYPE
PSS.. I got your Halloween package... THANK YOU I LOVED IT!:)

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