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Monday, November 18, 2013

Hi hi hi!
This week was better. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers. I am Sister Fisher-less! The ball is in my court. I'm glad I have Sister Anderson to help me out though. She's a cutie. She is 6'1!!!! I've NEVER served with anyone taller than me! She is from Idaho and is 21. She's great!
Umm... I honestly don't have much to say this week, I'm freaking out a bit that I'm in charge, but I keep praying and the Lord is the best comforter.
Sad news... Our investigator P broke up with us yesterday at church :( I cried. She was doing AMAZING! She has been investigating the church for 7 years, so I was sure this was her time to bloooom! She has been reading the Book of Mormon chapter after chapter, and there is a legitimate change... physical change... I can see it in her face! I have never witnessed that before!!! It has been incredible. She committed to baptism on January 18th with her daughter, but out of the blue yesterday, she told us she is done. She doesn't want to get baptized. She refuses to give up coffee and go to church for 3 hours. NOOOOO. Ugh. My heart literally shattered; I really have felt the love that our Heavenly Father has for His daughter P
We have a baptism this week, for M

:) we are soooo excited! She is so ready. Please keep her in your prayers :)
The week has been good, getting the hang of things all over again.
TELL me about finals!!! How did you all like Indi? I've been there twice.... bahhhhhhhhhhh... so fun huh?! Any BTR's? I want some updates, people.
I love you all. Keep on keepin' on. Talk to you in a month. :)
<3 Sister B

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