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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

HIIIII! Holy cow I feel like I haven't talked to you people foreverrrr. Well, we only have an hour to email today since today won't count as our 'p-day'... that'll be on Thanksgiving :) Which, by the way, we're havingg Thanksgiving at the Ness's house... I met them a couple weeks ago.. It'll be fun! Haha so I won't make this letter too too long. 
Oh my gosh! I ADORED all of the pictures you've sent. You're all soooooo beautiful. Everyone looks so much older, it freaked me out. Jack is the one that has changed the most... Andy looks bigger too! Claire is a gorgeous skinny minny and Buzz looks like he could grow a beard. You're all so handsome!
Well, we had a baptism!! Whooooo. M:) She's 19 and has a hubby and baby... cutest people in the world. Love them to death. Her baptism was in English/and Spanish, it was special (gave me a tiny taste of the ATM ;)) 
I'm sleeping a lottttt better, I'm happy, Heavenly Father is the best. We set a goal to get 3 investigators to church yesterday, and Saturday night, one of our investigators was going out of town, another got sick, and another dropped us :( bam bam bam. Our goal got shot dowwwn. 
So. We prayed. Hard. And we didn't know how it would be possible, but we both felt we'd have 3 investigators to church. After ward council, we were sitting in the foyer about an hour before church started, and there were 2 young gals... we introduced ourselves and they said they were doing a project for school and our church was the closest to campus, so they decided to come here.... well, we grabbed some pamphlets out of our car, and came back in, when there was another young girl. So we sat down with theses 3 gals, taught them the Restoration, and got 3 return appointments: BAM BAM BAM! We reached our goal..See? Heavenly Father is greeeeat!
We've met some wonderful people this week, and cannot wait to teach them!
My companion has such a good heart, and I'm thankful for her.
I didn't get the pics of Indiana! Send again? 

Anyway, thanks for being so wonderful... all of you. Miss you all!!!!
Talk to you in a month.... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT. :D

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