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Friday, December 20, 2013

Hello family & friends! Christmas is around the corner!! :)
We've had a lovely week.
Monday: Met up with a college gal and taught her an in depth Restoration and all she kept saying was "Holy cow, I just got chills..." She was so genuine. A true truth seeker. She's eating the gospel right up. AWESOME.
Later in the evening we helped miss Cwith some service and taught her the Restoration as well, she had some very good questions and we seemed to have addressed her concerns pretty well. :)
Tuesday: We drove to Minnesota for exchanges in Cottage Grove. I was able to spend the night in a MANSION. it was fun... It was neat being able to work with Sister Gessel for the day; we had the opportunity to tract in -10 degrees that evening. And she's just a cutie and I learned a lot from her.
Wednesday: We had our Christmas training with all the other missionaries. Ooooh man. I love those. They are so fun. As nervous as I was about spending the holidays here away from all familiarity, I know I'm gonna love it. I AM loving it. We had a wonderful lunch, (sat by Pres and Sister Clements who told us Sister Anderson aren't getting transferred:)) anddddd... watched 'Miracle' a real life movie... what the... that was too weird. Anyway, we had a good time! (I forgot my camera, so I'll send pics next week!)
Thursday: Back in Eau Claire... Did some service... cannot remember much...
Friday: Eau Claire ward Christmas Party. Sister Anderson and I decided last minute to do a little musical talent for the ward... We got Sister Cofax involved and what we came up with was fun! We all harmonized to 'Far Far Away on Judea's Plains' and then went straight into 'Angel's We Have Heard on High' and did it to the 'cup song' (it fit perfectly btw) and it was just sweet. I wish we would have recorded it. I think we will and send it to you sometime. :) But, point is, I'm singing in front of crowds now, happy? :)
We had 4 investigators come to the Christmas Party! They all seemed to really enjoy it! Lacey and I did the weird 'girl girl girl' voice in the tune of Jingle Bells for our talent, and everyone seemed to get a crack out of that one. :)
Saturday: We shoveled a LOT. I've got some buff biceps in the process...
Sunday: We had 3 investigators to church, they were all fellowshipped pretty well :) was fun... umm... oh, and then that night we had an appointment/service for our investigator C. She's the cutest thing in the world. Like 60's and she has a rough story as well... But we walked in the door, and she grabbed my arm, had me follow her to a room where she picked up a  button down shirt, told me to put it on and then gave me hair dye... Haha, so I dyed her hair... Not sure how appropriate that was... BUT I had a good time, and we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation afterward. "Ya know, the more and more I learn about this stuff, the more I am realizing that Mormon's aren't cults, and that I am wanting to be one." Whhhaaaaaaattttttt. Yes. Yes, C. You sure do.
So, it's been a great week. I just finished 3 Nephi today. I'm learning so much all the time. I'm seeing more clearly the blessing it has been to grow up in the Beeson family, to be raised by AWESOME parents and have the best siblings. You're all my favorite people. So so so so incredibly grateful for you all.
Welp, we get to Skype. It. UP. on Christmas! Whoooo! What time would be convenient for you? I was thinking evening-ish, but if morning is better, that works too. Just let me know asap and we'll chat next Wednesday! Rock onnnn.
Love you all. xoxoxoxoxo
-Sister B

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