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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hi mommy! Happy MLK day. Boo. Libraries are closed, so this email will be super short. But, enjoy the holiday!

 Thanks for all the updates! Tell grandma and grandpa I love them and good luck! They better still keep in touch with me!

 I'm so grateful for my wonderful family, you're all so great. Thanks for keeping the commandments and making our home a refuge. 

 Zone Training was AWESOME. I am a different missionary because of it. I learned a lot, and I always feel so jiddery and nervous for interviews with president, but this one was SO good. During the interview,  I really felt his love for me. I expressed some of my worries and doubts and cried a little to him, and he just gave me some REALLY encouraging words, and then offered to give me a blessing. It was beautiful. I'm so grateful for President and Sister Clements service. They are wonderful Minnesota parents, I know that I am here on my mission at this time specifically to know these wonderful people

 Well, I'm so sorry this is short, but I hope you have a happy happy day! Miss and love you all.. HAPPY 15 TO CLAIRE ON SATURDAY!!! :) XOXOX

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