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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sounds like Claire had a great birthday!! (Did she get my birthday letter?) I CANNOT believe she is 15... and did dad take her driving in the van or bug? Because... I can't even drive the bug...sooo... bahhhhhhhhhhh....

You're all so awesome for being missionaries. I pray daily that you'll all search and have missionary opportunities brought to you, and it looks like it's happening! YAY! Keep giving me updates, I love 'em.

So, as I told dad, this week was ESPECIALLY wonderful. All Eliza needs is a little boost in her ego... sheesh... I'm such a punk, but really, those words of encouragement were really all I needed to get that faith in myself to work hard. AND WE ROCKED IT. We had so many miracles especially with less actives, and our numbers were significantly higher (even with the stress of preparing for our baptism) ... speaking of... it was so so wonderful. I'll send you pics! The moment after Sister H got brought back out of the water, she looked at the audience and said, "I'm one of you now!" She's such a cutie. It was a wonderful day. :)

Yesterday I spoke about charity in Sacrament Meeting. I decided to not write out everything word for word as I usually do in fear that I'll forget absolutely everything I'd want to say... but, I literally went up there with a couple bullet points on a paper with scriptures, and just spoke. It was nice! I cried a little when I talked about my experience with Sister Ballif taking our first steps onto Minnesota ground and feeling the absolute pure love of Christ for everybody in that airport-now.

Everyone in church was literally coming up to us saying: "DON'T GET TRANSFERRED! WE'RE PRAYING YOU WON'T!" Especially our bishop... Transfers are next week, and I'm really really nervous... I don't want to leave Eau Claire! This is soooo home for me. I adore it all.

I know I say it all the time, but I'm so glad to be a missionary! It's too great. I hope to become who I need to by the time I'm released as a missionary...ew... I don't even want to think about that... I LOVE YOU.
Sister Beeson

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