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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I've been a HOT MESS this past week freaking out if I'm going to be transferred... Welllllllllll................................................... I'm not. :D :D :D I get to spend my 4th transfer (month 5) in lovely Eau Claire!!! Wahoooo! Sister Anderson is leaving to my first area--Shingle Creek! She's kind of nervous, this whole thing has come as a complete shock to us! Everybody in the ward and even Sister Anderson and I thought I was the one who'd be transferred. I'm gonna miss that girl!

We've had yet another great week, we were grounded for a couple of days, locked down again, and getting the sniffles a little... :/ part of the weather I suppose. 

Well, good things were happening. We picked up a former investigator. B and her daughter A, they are sooo solid as far as Gospel knowledge goes, but as far as keeping appointments, they're really hard to catch. Well, they ended up getting in a bad car accident, and have been in and out of the hospital all week :( so we haven't been able to see them.
 Then, on Wednesday, we went to mutual to invite some young women to an 'Iron Rod' activity we were gonna have the next day (which ended up being sooo awesome btw) and we had a chance to chat with the bishop that night who told us to visit a less active.

 The next day, we went and saw the L.A., and after our visit with her, we had about 20 minutes before our dinner appointment, so we decided to tract around her neighborhood. We drove down the street, and we saw two cute little Asian girls shoveling their driveway, and they waved to us... We decided we should turn around and see them. We parked a couple houses down from the Asian girls' house, and worked our way up to it by tracting her neighbors houses first... The second door we knocked on was awesomeeeeeee.
 A man named E answered, and we introduced ourselves, and he said: "Oh! You're Mormons? If I could choose to live next to anyone, it'd be a Mormon!" so far so good... he continues by saying:"We have some really good family friends who live in Utah, and we've visited there often, we tried to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but they were doing remodeling... but, we did go to Martin's Cove on that visit! I even pulled my wife in the handcart just to see what it'd be like...." WHAT THE HECK! We taught him a brief Restoration lesson, and he invited us back to talk more about our message so his wife could be there.

*Day 2*
 We went to E's, met his wife, S, and she was a doll. SO nice. They have three little boys and are wanting to get into church. We brought the PERFECT member with us, who was totally able to relate to Stacy. The spirit was very strong as we shared Joseph Smith's experience and testified that we knew it was true. S got emotional when we were talking about how we KNEW it was true. She'd say: "I SO know that feeling. You can't even describe it. It is a very real feeling." So everything was soooo awesome...
 they are a WONDERFUL family, and seem highly interested in the church!!! :)

 P and L  came to church yesterday and L got up and bore her testimony in Sacrament Meeting... and then P DID! Pwould always say to us: "I'm not gonna bear my testimony until I'm baptized, have it written on a piece of paper, and get a haircut." But she totally went up yesterday. It was awesome.

 After church, we had some lovely finding time, and we were nervous because the dang super bowl was on, so we were assuming no one wanted to listen to us. We went and knocked some college housing, and a guy had a house full of his buddies decked out for the Broncos, but he listened to our message, and when I asked him if I could offer a prayer before we left, he got all of his buddies and said, "Hey! This chick is gonna pray, you wanna join in?" and really all of them asked me to pray that the Bronco's would win... I did... and if I heard correctly, they got absolutely creamed, right?? Haha... Hopefully they won't hold that against us..

 Anyway, sorry this email is jumbo and scattered and probs boring. But I'm so grateful for all of you, and can you BELIEVE I'M HALF WAY DONE NEXT WEEK? OH MY HECK GROSS.

Keep on keepin on. <----hate that phrase. Love you all! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
 Sister Beeson!

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