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Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patty's! I'm really in the spirit of the holiday because there is a jolly bearded man sitting at the stall next to me jamming out to some jiggy tunes.
I'm happy to hear everybody is doing wonderfully! I am too :)

Well, today we found out transfers.... annnnnnnd.... I'm....................... staying. AGAIN! Sister Smith is too. This will be my 5th transfer (6th month) here! I was here for October General Conference, and it looks like I'll be here for April's too! :) So, that is exciting.
We taught our WONDERFULLLLLLLLLLLL family, the P's!  They're adorable. Our first lesson, we had was on a Monday night, so we decided to do an FHE. We told them what FHE was, and started with singing "I am a Child of God" Sister Smith and I sang the first two verses, and then they joined in on the 3rd-- soooo cute.
We taught them the Restoration, and the Spirit was VERY strong. After we shared Joseph Smith's own words of his first vision, there was silence, and the Spirit was able to touch each of us. Brother P broke the silence by commenting how powerful that was. He then asked a question about Joseph Smith (I honestly can't remember what it was) but it was a question that led me to testify how I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I cried a little, everyone's eyes were glued on me, and then I looked over at Sister P, and she was crying! She said she's been looking for something more her whole life, and the Spirit definitely bore witness to her that evening. AH! :)
*PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for this family! :)
So, it's been a good week. . Love love love you!!!! :) xoxoxoxox
<3 Sister Beeson

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