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Monday, March 17, 2014

GOOD BEAUTIFUL MORNING! It is a LOVELY 47 degrees here in Eau Claire. Oh my GOSH. I did not realize how sun-deprived I was. I've been lacking some serious Vitamin D. I walked out the door with a light sweater, normal tights (not fleece lined) and FLATS!! Whaaaaaaat. It feels so so so good.
Oh, and for the record, this winter, Eau Claire was the COLDEST place in the entire United States. EAU CLAIRE! Of course.
This week was incredible in terms of member present lessons... we got 7! And the members here are so wonderful. They add so much to our lessons and are wonderful at befriending everybody. One that sticks out is... our bishops daughter, who is 17 is on the Cheerteam at her school, and there is a guy named  B on her team who is Catholic and has been going through a rough time recently and he came to her for guidance (knowing she was LDS) and so that talked about the gospel for a little while and finally she asked him if he just wanted to meet with the missionaries. "YES! I was wanting to ask you if that'd be ok, but I wasn't sure if your missionaries talk to people who aren't a part of your church!" HA... soooooo... we met B. He told us about how he is struggling with the death of one of his best friends that happened recently and how he feels like he shouldn't be mourning over her death as much as he still is. We taught him the Plan of Salvation, and of course (him being Catholic), this really touched his heart. We introduced the Book of Mormon to him, and he committed to read Alma 40. At the end of the lesson he said that we answered all his questions and that everything "just made sense" and "seems so hopeful."
We got a text from our Bishop's daughter a couple of days later that said "Hey! B LOVES the bom, he keeps sending me pictures and verses to read, he read half of Alma and is now starting over to read it from the beginning :D"
Then we had some wonderful lessons/conversations with the two families we are teaching! Heavenly Father is blessing us so much. It is AMAZING to teach these wonderful people, who are honest truth seekers.

Small and simple things, yes! I read a talk about that today, actually. It was by Richard G. Scott called "Peace at Home" ? I think. But he talked a lot about having a Christ-centered home and how important it is to do the daily simple things that will build a Christ-centered home:
Daily personal and family prayer.
Daily personal and family scripture study.
Weekly family home evening.

I love love love love love love love love love love love love and love you.
-Sister Beeson

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