Minnesota Minneapolis Mission

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I am soooooo proud of you all for your wonderful missionary efforts. It really IS about inviting people. That's the hardest part for sure, but after that, it's smooth sailing thanks to the Spirit. Keep on doing what you're doing! :D

We had a 'MMM' week! (Minnesota Minneapolis Mission-Many Mighty Miracles)
C*** (a highly sarcastic/funny person who sucks all confidence out of my companion and I) originally refused to meet with the missionaries, but she'd help out with Teaching Evaluations every once in a while. She has been struggling lately with purpose, and agreed to meet with us. We taught her the Restoration, and she often points out how she thinks we are here just because we have to be, and thinks we're living off our parents testimonies. I decided at that moment to not let her sarcastic/semi hurtful personality effect me, so I bore testimony that I know for MYSELF that what I share is true. I got very emotional, and the Spirit definitely helped her understand that.. and then she agreed to meet with us AGAIN! And even have a member with us!!! (that part was huge) it was again, another great lesson.

We met with two of the cutest Chinese ladies on campus. We taught them in the Davies Center, and there was obviously a HUGE language barrier, but we were able to testify and teach simply about the nature of the Godhead and eventually the Restoration. As we were teaching, I noticed a campus guy who kept looking over at us while we were teaching. Finally, he got up, walked up to us (shaking heavily from nervousness) and said to the Chinese ladies, "Most Christians don't believe in the Book of Mormon. It's not true. Joseph Smith made the whole thing up and so I thought you should just hear both sides of the story. I appreciate what you girls are doing, spreading the word and all, but I'd really advise you to look into Joseph's life history." HA. Ticked me off. But, rather have the opposition come to them while we're with them than away from them, right? We pointed out that it is important to find out for yourself. We talked about prayer (they had no idea what that was) and at the end, S*, gave her first BEAUTIFUL heartfelt prayer. It was amazing.

P and L have not been in our lives lately. They called us Saturday night, told us the heavy difference they've seen in their lives from not coming to church, and so they came on there own yesterday, L again bore her testimony. M (a cutie campus gal) came as well!

We got a text from A who has met with missionaries in the past, and we've been going over there again and again and she's never home/available, but out of the blue she texted us asking if we could come over to talk because she was having a rough time. We got there and taught her (and her BF) the Plan of Salvation. BF said, "Wow, a lot of my questions are being answered."

Got invited to a YSA CES Fireside, but needed an investigator, no one was available, but L was able to come last minute! BUT it started in 5 minutes and we didn't have a ride for her. One of our members happily and quickly agreed to take us! (Fireside fit Lto the T)

Sister Smith and I have been fasting for our Hmong investigator family because there was not much progress with them but we see their potential, and we got an AMAZING voicemail telling us her plans to be baptized by the end of the month. MARCH MADNESS, PEOPLE. :D

These may not seem like huge miracles, but they SO are!!! Heavenly Father is SO aware of all of us. I'm so grateful to be His servant!

I love you all.
-Sister Beeson

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