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Monday, April 14, 2014

Hello, all!
It''s been quite the week! My birthday was fab...my FAVORITE family had me over for dinner! The family that either Claire or Jack will be related to by marriage. ;) Had some yummy soup, they wrote 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER BEESON' on their window, and then had some almond cake that was de-lish. Sooooo... that was that! I'll send some pics.

This week was a big 'growing' week for me. I really was able to pin point my weaknesses, and that definitely called me to repentance. I was able to experience the strengthening power of the Atonement quite a bit this week than ever before. I, just like many others I'm sure, sometimes put my pride in the way of this beautiful work. Sometimes I'm too afraid, too unbelieving in myself as a missionary to share my testimony with everyone...mainly on campus. My goal has been to LOVE campus. It is very difficult to confront my peers and talk about my beliefs when there is a wide variety of different beliefs. Sister Smith and I talked about this, and we decided to really put everything on the alter, which made campus fabulous this week! We really enjoyed it. We talked to everyone we saw! We felt good. We were able to meet so many people, and to hear about their beliefs and share ours with them. One in particular, we found a man sitting on a bench at a park with his dog (a little off campus) He had shaggy hair, not combed, glasses, a little scruff, and was wearing some sweat pants. We talked to him a little, and got to know him. He was SOOO nice, and he is big into music and was curious what type of music is played at our church. I said, "We can sing you a song we sing at church!" So, Sister Smith and I sang "I am a Child of God" to him. He LOVED it. We were able to walk and talk about the Restoration, and he found the Book of Mormon to be so interesting. We set a return appointment, and I didn't recognize him... he had a fresh haircut, shaved, and was wearing some nice clothes... to the Elders he goes!!! haha but were able to talk more about the Book of Mormon in depth. He really loved Moroni 10 and said he felt a special connection to a certain verse that talks about becoming like a child. He told us that the morning of our appointment, he wasn't sure if he wanted to meet, but he said that he felt like he needed to, and then expressed his thanks for answering the questions that he has needed answers to. It was wonderful!
Last story... so the P's. We haven't been able to get in contact with them forever, right? We've still been praying and praying and praying for their marriage though. We dropped in a couple of days ago, and they let us right in, and we see D with a full on cast! DD went in the back room for a sec, and while he was gone, D told us that she was putting something away in a high cupboard, and she somehow slipped off the counter, and she fell onto the tile floor and broke 4 of her toes! OWWWW. But she was just BEAMING. She looked SO happy... she said that DD has been right by her side the WHOLE time, and has been taking care of her!!! :D God answers prayers in crazy ways! "I hope you're not cursing our names since we've been praying our little hearts out for you, and this is what happens..." and in her cute Georgian accent "I'll take what I can get!!!" So, they're so happy, and they're coming to church FOR SURE THIS WEEK!!!! :D
P's baptism is this week, so exciting, and the elders are baptizing a family... it'll be a wonderful time at 11 am on Saturday. :)
I love you all! You make me laugh and smile and thank Heavenly Father each day. :)

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