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Monday, April 7, 2014

My Birthday TODAY!!


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What a gloomy April 7th! It's cloudy and cool outside. :) I woke up to two lovely packages! One from you guys:) I must say... all of your letters made me CRY. 
I really broke down at dad's 'Linda story' sheesh! 
You all said very kind things, and you all sound so mature! It's freaking me out... So, thank you! It really made my day. :)  My companion made me some breakfast, that was nice. :)
Oh myyyy... General Conference. SO good. Sister Smith and I were talking about how before our missions, General Conference would put us on this 'spiritual high' for a while, but now that this was my 2nd time watching conference on my mission, it doesn't seem to have the same effect, it still lifts me up, but I'm still lifted up day after day after day... and it doesn't go away! It's a wonderful feeling to be so close to the spirit every single day. Yeah, Elder Holland's was WONDERFUL. I know we're not supposed to have favorites... buttttt..... he does NOT mess around, does he? He'll cut straight to the chase. I love it. So bold.
Well, we enjoyed the warm week, wearing flats and light sweaters until.......... Thursday. When it snowed 9 inches.. haha this PLACE! It's ok, it's melted again for the most part and is the 50's again.
So, we haven't seen ANY of our investigators except P! These families we are working with are just getting further from us! It's breaking our hearts. We've been praying for them. We've stopped by both many times, and sometimes they are and aren't home, regardless, they don't have time for us 'right now'... ugh! It's really hard.
P is doing wonderfully though. She is LIVING THE WORD OF WISDOM STILL! It's amazing. She has her baptismal interview tomorrow, and so we're anxious to see how that goes. :) She is continuing to CHANGE. Her countenance is shining! It really is amazing what the Book of Mormon and keeping the commandments can to internally and externally to people.
I don't feel like I have much else to say... I really love you all and pray for you everyday. Heavenly Father is our Father. Jesus is our Brother and our Example. Following Him is the only way to happiness. Joseph Smith restored all truth back to the earth for us to make it back to where we started. I KNOW these things!

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