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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

HIIIIIII! Sorry for emailing so late these days... the library is always full in the morning :(
I am sooooo so so glad to hear of the WONDERFUL missionary experiences you're having! That is so wonderful. Beesons, you are the ULTIMATE members. Way to be. That really means so so so so soooooo much to us, the ones with the name tags. You're wonderful. Thank you for offering your home, food, and testimonies to build up the kingdom. It makes all the difference.
It's been a great week. The General Relief Society Broadcast was LOVELY. So so so good. I really hope our investigators loved it as they watched it. This church is so true. AH!
Um... not much of an update,
We are speed emailing today, because we're short on time, but just know I'm thinking and praying for you all. Have a LOVELY April fools, (decorate my planners when you get them) and EVERYONE, remember its mom's favorite holiday, so no one wash their hands in the sink!!!
xoxox, SISTER B

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