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Monday, April 28, 2014

Hey fam&friends!
Mom, your email was wonderful. I'm so glad you were all uplifted and edified during your stake conference, ours was wonderful as well!
So... before I go into the week... we found out transfers............ I'M STAYING AGAIN! OH my GOSH. I've been here FOREVER. (6th transfer...8th month) I am so happy :) Love Eau Claire. I really do still wonder why I am here... I'm obviously here for somebody! Sister Smith is headed to Maple Grove, and my new companion is Sister Merrill. So, that's exciting.
Yeah, I was quite sick at the beginning of the week, luckily, we had district p-day, so all the elders were able to give me a blessing, and wow. That was a powerful blessing... I felt a MILLION times better the next day. It was a blessing!

Our stake conference was wonderful! We had it broadcasted to Eau Claire... since... we're kinda in the boonies... but it was GREAT. Our Stake President is one of the most wonderful people I know! He reminds me a lot of dad actually... he is so fun to listen to. He is a convert and always shares the COOLEST missionary experiences that he has. He talked about how much of an effect we can have on somebody by the simple words we say. He was at a business/traveling meeting... and basically all the people he worked with aren't Mormon, so they were at a bar, and he (the stake pres) went to the bar, and instead of saying "could I get a sprite?" he said, "could I get something without ALCOHOL?" some gal overheard him and said, "You don't drink alcohol?" and that started into a conversation and...long story short after months and months, she ended up being baptized.
President Stanley G. Ellis of the 70 came and spoke to us as well. He talked a lot about, just like everyone else, hastening the work! I think that that is so neat that this is the 'hot topic' wherever we are as Latter-Day Saints! We are so blessed to be the Lord's hands, feet, and voices to spread His gospel. I'm honored that He trusts ME!
Well, I love all of you. I'm gonna talk to you in like 2 weeks...... WHAAAAAAT.. Didn't that just happen?! Wow. I hope you have a wonderful, bright, hope-filled week! xoxo
-Sister Beeson

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