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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hi hi hi! Man, this week felt like eternity. After dropping of Sister Smith in Bloomington, I'm now with Sister Merrill in Eau Claire!! She's awesome. I really really like her. I've already learned SO much from her. She and I have a lot of things in common when it comes to our successes and failures and goals for missionary work. President was inspired to put us together. I'm feeling like this transfer is gonna be one that'll really change me.
Sister Merrill is from Kerns UT and is taller than me:)  Andwe've already had some miracles together!
She had an AWESOME first day (I hope.. I thought it was awesome) We went to some potential peoples houses... and we stopped by L (who is Nigerian) and usually she's never home or available, but she LET US IN... it was great. She really reminds me of you, mom. She has SO much faith, LOVES her family, would choose to be with her hubby, 2 yr old and 3 week old baby over ANYTHING, she named her kids by revelation (not you), and she just is so so so close to the spirit. We talked about the Book of Mormon, and she is still wanting to continue to read it.
After, we went to the M house for dinner... one of my FAVORITE families.. and she made my fav :) ( she made salmon, veggies, salad, and fruit... haha love her.

and thennnn... we went to mutual (at our bishops request) and long story short, the yw pres and all the yw were trying to get us out of the room by giving us silly pointless jobs to do... I was super confused, so we were about to leave, and then they said "WAIT! We have a gift for you sisters." they spent their mutual night making us little packages! They each wrote suuuuuuuuuuuuuper sweet notes to us and gave us little treats. It warmed my heart! Man, Eau Claire is HOME people. I absolutely adore it here. Everything & everyone.

Later in the week we did some service for a family who is stressed out beyond belief.. and we spent 4 hours RAKING. Like, non stop. Pretty sure I ripped a muscle in my back and arm. I have a really big bump on my arm and my whole hand is swollen, sooo.. not sure what happened there, but if you could pray that'd be great... typing this email is a killer.. eek.
We had our investigator, J come to church yesterday! She is so so so cute! I love her. She seemed to have enjoyed it and she (out of all investigators coming to church) actually sang the hymns and NAILED them... it was cool. :)

Well hey! We TOTALLY get to talk on Sunday! That's pretty great. 
ok. Well I love you all. I'm so grateful for the gospel. Mannnnnnn... life without it would be rotten. It is true true true! xoxox

Sister Beeson
PS.Man! Dad is the COOLEST. That is really really neat. Thanks for sharing that! I am so blessed to have you two as my parents who are STILL missionaries. I want to be like that! Also, Claire is the cutest thing I've ever seen. Man, what a doll. She looks so grown up! How tall is she? Her piano skilllllllllz are sssssssseriously ssssssssoo ssssssssstunning. ssssssseriously.
I love love love you!

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