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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hi, good to hear from ya. :)
Man, am I the worst daughter or what? Totally spaced Father's Day. I love you, dad. I know you know. Hope it was a good one. Last Father's day was day 33 on my mission and I spoke in Sacrament Meeting in my first area. I was scarrrrrrrrreeeeeed. And now here we are, a year later. Super crazy!
Sounds like summer is going great! Love the pictures and videos. It's so fun to see :)
Well, here is a low down of Sister Merrill's and my week:
Monday: We had a lesson with Patty (our recent convert) with her friend J, and we shared a Father's Day message. We watched 'Earthly Father, Heavenly Father' and talked about all of our dad's... (Yes I even showed them a picture of the fam, and yes dad was getting hit on by two 50 year old ladies!) and what they mean to us and how they've impacted us. Then we talked about the Father we all share: God :) it was really great.  J was intently listening and really enjoyed it. Sheesh
Wednesday: I honestly can't remember... and Thursday was kind of the same...
We went and checked on a referal and the house was like a mansion, and there are at least 5 NICE cars in the front (one of them being a hummer BARF) and we knocked on the door, playing dumb, and he and his wife answered the door. If there was a couple I could pick to describe these two, it'd be the parents off of Matilda. Short, BEEFY RIPPED shirtless guy with tatt's, and fake baked, with his wife who was at least a foot taller than him with neon blonde hair, face caked with make up and fake baked as well. Anyway, it was super short, they weren't interested in the slightest. It was just... a funny moment.
Saturday we helped someone move... oh, that's all we do here by the way. EVERYONE and their dog is moving.
Sunday was probs the best day. We had a mission fast in gratitude for all of the Many Mighty Miracles we've seen in the MMM, and ya know... fasting always brings blessings... and miracles! Well, we had like zero appointments. All day long. Day of finding. In the thunderstorms. Fortunately, once we got to the church, the elders approached us telling us that one of the elders has been sick for a full week and needs to sleep to get better. So we were able to take their WHOLE DAY! Wahooo! It was so great to meet all their investigators. We met many Hmong families.. since... the elders are Hmong speaking missionaries... and one of them was K.. she is a cutie 16 year old! She is so so so sweet, and her mom was so so so hard to understand but super sweet, and we were able to teach a little of the Plan of Salvation before they left to be with fam. Butttttttttttt... Guess what? I got my Hmong name! I've been waiting for this day! C, the mom, named me! My Hmong name is Siab Zoo pronounced: She-heh Xiong (and you have to say it with the right tone. Siab is higher in tone than Zoo... and it means kind hearted. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Melted my heart. I'm so happy.
Then we met J and K and they had 4 little boys ages 5, 4, 2, and 1... it was a MAD HOUSE. It was suuuuuuuuuuper hot, smelled like little boys and Hmong food and we had the most beautiful experience. The Holy Ghost completely took over the lesson. Sister Merrill and I were able to asked many inspired questions and testify and promise specific blessings. For a moment this place became one of the most sacred places I have been on in my mission! We invited to pray about the second week of July to be baptized, and he gladly accepted. Afterwards he was just thanking us sooooooo much for all we said and how much better he felt. It was cool. We called the elders afterwards, and told them all that happened and they were SHOCKED. They have been trying to get in with them for a month, and haven't had any success for a baptismal date. It was all just meant to be I guess!
Anyway, this email is massive, my bad. I love you all and I'll see yuh l8r.
-Sister Beeson

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