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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hi, hi!
Yup, we found out transfers today (actually, I found out yesterday because President and Sister Clements stayed Saturday for a baptism then for church on Sunday and President took me aside to chat for a second and basically told me what was gonna happen with transfers.)
Annnnnnnnnnd... Drum roll.
I'm going to be serving in................
Eau Claire. Still. :) Oh my gosh, I really don't think I'll ever leave this place. 7th transfer here. 9 months, going on 10! Wahoo! You all HAVE to come visit with me before Buzz leaves on his mish. Pleassssssssse.
Well, it sounds like everyone is having a prime summer so far! Eat it up.
Well....... we've had some down falls and some miracles!

On Monday, Sister Merrill and I had an appointment that fell through and so we went to our back up plan which was to contact a potential investigator, L. We knocked on L's door, and she unfortunately wasn't home, but fortunately the young women who answered happened to be one of the most faithful young women I have even come in contact with. We started chatting a little bit, and we know mutual people from Memorial High School where she attends. We started talking about religion, and she mentioned that she is currently studying with the Jehovah Witnesses but that she is open to everything. We shared Joseph Smith's first vision with her, and the Book of Mormon, and she was in awe. She got really excited about the things we were teaching her and then said, "You know, about 20 minutes ago, I was thinking about God. I was thinking about my life. And I was thinking about how I can improve my relationship with my mom, and then you two showed up! I find that no coincidence." We invited her to be baptized, and she cheerfully without hesitation said, "YES!" We gave her the second weekend of July as a date to work towards and she cheerfully accepted that invitation as well. Jade attended Book of Mormon study with us a couple of days later, and then we gave her a church tour. She loved it all. That evening she gave us a text telling us how much she enjoyed herself and how excited she is to be involved with our church! It was very exciting, and a testimony of following our back up plans with exactness!
Then we had B and her daughter, and L and her daughter (two cute Hmong families) drop us. Saddest part is that B and her daughter had a baptismal date. :( Really does break my heart. I've really gained a respect for the Hmong elders I serve with because this has been their WHOLE mission... getting dropped all the TIME.
But then, in return, Heavenly Father blessed us with the miracle of the S family coming to church!!! Sister Anderson and I found them in December and we've been TRYING to get them to church since then! And they FINALLY came yesterday! And ya know what? Couldn't have been a more perfect Sunday.
*a mom and dad got confirmed during sacrament meeting
*two talks were on becoming perfected and they used the analogies of making rough rocks become smooth... they were both AMAZING talks, (and a sister that gave the talk HAPPENED to be a 'healer' just like Sister S! Coincidence?)
*most BEAUTIFUL musical number I've ever heard. Accapella 'I love the Lord' in tune to 'Be Still my Soul'
*President and Sister Clements shared their testimonies afterward and it was AMAZING. President Clements even chatted with them for a half hour after the meeting. (insert kip voice here) Swwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeettttttt.
Then we were also able to get in contact with Sister P... she is still mourning the loss of her hubby who decided to leave the fam. Breaks my heart. But we have an appointment with her on Tuesday! WHOO!
Well, I want you all to know, I'm totally forgetting about you. Honestly. It's weird. Like yesterday, Sister Clements asked me, "How is your family doing?" And at that point I realized how long it's been since I've thought of you guys. Haha... I still love you though. Thanks for all ya do and I'll talk to you next week! Love you!
-Sister Beeson
Oh, ps.
Brother K who got baptized shared his testimony and he talked about when he was about 1 week away from getting baptized, the elders asked him the baptismal interview questions, one of them being: Do you believe that Thomas S. Monson is the current prophet, seer, revelator? and he said "Honestly, I don't even know who this guy is."
So the elders put on some videos from lds.org and as Bro K was watching, he kept thinking to himself "I know this guy! Where have I seen him?" So he got a video out of the library at the church and it was when Thomas Monson was 10 years younger, and then it really hit him. He remembers when he worked in construction in Utah and he went to deliver some things for the remodeling of the slc temple, and he said that he remembers a man in a suit walked up to him and started talking to him. Bro K knew that this guy in the suit was one of the 'big guys' of the church, but he was in a rush and really just wanting to get out of this convo. It was Thomas S. Monson! And all at once the conversation came back to Bro K about what President Monson told him a decade earlier in response to Bro K saying he wasn't sure what he wanted in life and he was just confused about many things. President Monson said, "I promise you that there will be a time in your life where you won't be confused anymore, you will not be wandering, and you will be in the right place at the right time."
That whole conversation came to Bro K as he was watching the video of President Monson a decade ago, a week before his baptism! How cool. I hope that made sense, I'm about to rush off the computer but wanted to hurry and tell you that

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