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Monday, July 7, 2014

Hey hey! Happy 4th, it sounds like it was a whole week celebration!
Just like last 4th of July, we did... nothing. Literally. Haha I'm excited to celebrate next year.

Yesterday we had some investigators come to our church! And it was perfect because everyone seemed to have born their testimonies on Christ's Atonement and the spirit was STRONG. It was incredible.  6 investigators came to church! Whaaaaaaaat... Again, Heavenly Father has been proving to me time and time again that this is HIS work. I love it. He blessed us with SO many teaching opportunities, and again, our key indicators have never looked this good--out of my WHOLE mission. It is amazing. We are finding soooo many people who's hearts are prepared for the gospel!!! 
Like last night, the elders came with us to teach our investigator J and then it was 7 minutes before curfew and they asked how many Restoration lessons we taught this week. We said: "BAHHHHHHHHHHH.........we will tell you after we find someone to teach within the next 7 minutes."
1st door: no answer
2nd door: not interested
3rd door: guy answered, and his friend eventually came and joined in the convo, and then a very Lutheran girl who drove up came and joined us as well! (which we found out later her brother is serving a LDS mission in Ghana!... I completely believe that her brother has been praying for her to get in contact with the missionaries.) Anyway, we were able to teach them all the Restoration! MiRaClEs!!!!
Another cool miracle moment was when we had a meeting with our WML who really stressed how prompted he felt that we needed to go finding in Altoona. Which was CRAZY, because in all my weekly plannings for the past couple of weeks I have had the same promptings of: GO TO ALTOONA. So when he said that, it solidified that prompting. 
Sister L and I went to a gas station and while she was in the bathroom I looked on the map and out of all of Altoona I was drawn to 'Petunia St' and then when I was in the bathroom Sister L was drawn to 'Mum St' Petunia was a street below Mum. Crazy! So we drove over and we were pleased to see that it was a TRAILER PARK! YESSSSSSSS. HUMBLE PEOPLE. So we went out tracting, hardly anyone was home, and we met a few people uninterested, and then we had literally 5 minutes before we had to leave to our dinner appointment, and we knocked on one last house and it was a young man who has recently been going through a really rough time. We stated who we were, how we were led to him, and what we were there to share with him. He thought that it was the neatest thing that God truly led us to him. Because he was only in Eau Claire for the day and he said that it was exactly what he needed. We were able to teach him the Restoration and invite him to be baptized... it was AWESOME. God is too good.

I honestly have many more stories like that that I could share, but we have only an hour to email today.. so I'll close. But I just am so grateful for all the prayers and love and support that you've shown and given! It really means so much and I'm SOOOOOOOO grateful to be serving in Eau Claire. I can't tell you how many people at church came up to me yesterday and said "You must come back to Eau Claire and bring your family with you!" My family here, wants to meet you, my family. :) It's a good place.
I love you all and will chat with yuh next weeeeeeeeeek! <3
-Sister Beeson

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