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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hello favorite dad.
I am smiling reading your email because I can soooo relate to you. These past couple of weeks have been EXCEPTIONALLY difficult, trying, confusing, and really, on the verge of feeling impossible. Like you, it is a wonderfully difficult feeling to suffer a smidge of Christ's sufferings.

But, like you said. A miracle ALWAYS proceeds a trial. I am grateful for that. It is beautiful to see all the way God has blessed us this week.  I have been in awe with all of the miracles we have been blessed with this week. I will never ever ever ever ever ever forget it. 

I will pray a little harder that this week with be a lighter (in both senses of the word) one for you. Thank you for being a hard worker, and for being GOOD. I love you 4evr. Totes.
<3 Your Sister Missionary.

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