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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hey! It's good to hear from you. I love all of your emails, it makes me happy that you're happy.
I am ALSO happy! Soooo happy. So. This is how this week went, it was a roller coaster:
-I spent Monday-Wednesday evening in Cottage Grove and the sisters I was with are going through a ROUGH time with their recent convert in jail and they have been asked to be witnesses at court and everything. Crazy. 
-Wednesday: I woke up in Minnesota, we drove to Wisconsin for our district meeting, drove back to Minnesota to pick up my new youth companion, Sister Louie, and then drove back to Wisconsin. I was in the car literally ALL day.
 Sister Louie is originally from California, she spent the last year in Boston, and moved to Minnesota to live with her uncle 3 weeks ago. She heads to her mission to Mexico next month. She has the most long beautiful hair EVER. We get a long really well! 

 It has been wonderful to teach her and teach with her. I really have learned a lot from her and a lot about myself. It's a suuuuper humbling experience
Heavenly Father was extra loving and mindful of us this week. He was so so so good to us. We saw SO many miracles this week. More than I've seen for a long time. It was a testimony to me that this is SO HIS work, not mine. At all. :) And that I don't need to worry or fear or feel inadequate because again, it's not my work!

We were able to get SIGNIFICANTLY better numbers (key indicators) this week (with us only being in our area for 4 days) than we have for a very long time. Our focus has been finding since our investigator pool has dropped pretty heavily, and Heavenly Father blessed us with SIX new investigators! That hasn't happened in my 10 months in Eau Claire! Such a blessing, because they are all SOLID people. Ah! I can't even elaborate how miraculous everything has been, so I reaaaaaaaally appreciate all of your love and support and PRAYERS. It's been wonderful.

Last night we had a mission prayer call and we were able to hear President and Sister Forbes for the first time. THEY SOUND ADORABLE. President Forbes has a cute little accent, he sounds like a cowboy, and Sister Forbes voice sounded like moms! It made me happy! So I'm really really excited to meet them. I already feel like I'll connect with them. Although, my heart was aching a bit from not hearing the Clements'. I'm so blessed to have all these mission parents! I love them all. Did you end up going to the Clements' home coming? 

Well, I love each of you. I love the Lord. And I am so humbled and blessed and excited to be serving with Sister Louie in my favorite place! Have a super week and a funnn fun fun 4th of July! :)
-Sister Beeson

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